Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Brunch-y Visit to Miss Rachel's Pantry

With my "Happy Graduation" gift card, I took last Sunday day off and strolled towards Chadwick Street, excited to finally try Miss Rachel's Pantry. A popular booth at Philly Vegfest, Miss Rachel always sold out of goods quickly. The first year, in her crowd pleasing demo, she concocted an impressive looking filet from pan searing seedless watermelon.

 The interior has a rustic flair-- a vintage meets modest pin up girl decor and home sweet home charm. Plus the flavorful aromas from the nearby kitchen were most welcoming, a delight to nostrils and hungry appetite.
Miss Rachel's menu selection was infinite. There were knishes, jarred cheeses, cheese wedges, unique sandwiches, potato soup, mouthwatering desserts, and other yummy veganized items. The grilled cheese definitely sounds like a winner around here. Plus the behind-the-counter lady was pleasantly affable. She couldn't grant a true recommendation-- for everything was divine and worth tasting!
 I ordered two broccoli and cheddar filled danishes and orange juice and indulged on the delicious meal right on the clean farmhouse table, centering the cozy environment of the restaurant.
Crisp, flaky exterior (mimicking that buttery crisp so well) with a savory, creamy interior of familiar favorites was a perfect balanced heaven. Two delightful danishes were simply not enough, teasing in all actuality, but one had to leave room for gargantuan dessert.
A large whipped chocolate on chocolate cake slice was an unexpected pleasure for brunch hour.
Fancy side view. I wound up eating half of this cake on the spot. The moist texture packed in incredible richness was truly worth the slow, methodical devouring. It was so romantic that my heart skipped beats in the midst of enjoyment. I don't get to eat chocolate cake often and this terrific slab of goodness treated me just right.
I took pecan topped sticky buns to go in this beautiful warm pink box. Along the way home, reminiscing on the meal,  I couldn't wait to come back. There is an irresistible quality to the homey, comforting place that Miss Rachel provides. The food is amazing, affordable, and easily addictive. I can't wait to be back and bring friends along the return.


  1. I want it all! Those danishes looks so delicious! It sounds like a great place to grab a bit. And those sticky buns!!!!

    1. I feel the same way! It's a nice place with excellent food-- two pluses in my book!

  2. Oh my gosh!! Everything you ordered looks so amazing and delicious! How awesome to live near a place like this! And cool that they have sweet and savory options too. :)

  3. Thanks! It's a special little place. Gotta adore a vegan eatery with options!