Saturday, May 28, 2016

Amping Up Tofurkey's Spinach Pesto Sausage

It's hot outside and everyone knows what that means-- family/friend barbecues and cook out celebrations!
Humid packing inflamed sun is blazing like a disco ball, having been housed behind puffed gray clouds of seemingly infinite rain. Spring looks to have been skipped and temperatures are already rising to summery proportion. 
Now before enjoying ice cream cones and iced coffee dessert drinks, I must suggest incredible Tofurky Artisan Sausages as the condiment sopping bun stuffer. Whole Foods Market is having a little sale on the vegan grill out fixes. I hadn't tried out any flavor beyond Tofurky's Italian Sausage.
Alongside temptation of testing out something new, saving a bit of dough is always attractive. Plus eye snatching, retro colored package labels proved to be quite seductive.  
Pan seared with olive oil, sides of Spinach Pesto Sausage is receptible to efficient browning, that nice caramel hued char. Compared to the Italian Sausage version, Spinach Pesto has a more refined bite, a less sweet noted consistency. Both have believable texture leaving one wanting another. Juicy, plump sausages are also wonderful when spotlighted with other tasty vegan favorites.

Dressed up with fried mushrooms and onions, and melted Field Roast Chao Cheese on a Pretzilla Sausage Bun, cherry tomatoes and sliver of basil on the side, pan seared Spinach Pesto Sausage felt right at delicious home.
Mouthwatering food art.
Kevita Master Brew Tart Cherry Kombucha balanced the meal-- a more grown up sophisticated palette than the hot dogs and soda of yesterday.

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