Monday, May 30, 2016

"Donuts/Doughnuts! Croissants! And Fruits!" Oh My Party

The scene of our special party held Friday on the 11th floor of PAFA's Hamilton Building. Doughnuts from Federal and vegan treasures from Dottie's Donuts and The Tasty, and fresh strawberries and juicy red grapes.
There's no better excuse to have sweets and treats affair like a kind going away get together. Amazing PAFA artists-- some who are staying in Philadelphia whereas others will move away-- built a solid community together. To commemorate our experiences, this irresistible menu included sugary fried goods and plentiful fruits.
We discussed PAFA, future plans after PAFA, veganism/vegetarianism and other random topics.
Still, sadly and with bittersweet feeling comes the final week of the 115th Annual Student Exhibition, the last week to sharing wall space together.
This is not simply an effort to have people run down to PAFA to see paintings, drawings, sculpture, printmaking, installation, and everything else. This is a request for an audience to see major pieces of beautiful, hard working tenacity from friends and colleagues that have earned great respect and admiration.
Here are the selected ASE highlights and below are treasures from the party.

The Tasty is Philadelphia's brand spanking new vegan diner that just opened. I have yet to try the breakfast and lunch platters, but their gorgeous vegan croissants were posted on their Facebook and Instagram pages, enticing my French fused craving. Flavors are chocolate and almond. Several friends preferred the almond over the chocolate. The chocolate is thick and clotted, very sweet. I could, however, understand the penchant for almond.....
Dottie's Donuts' flavors included Apple Cider with Maple Scone Crumble, Apple Fritter, Chocolate Cookie Crumble, Vanilla Coconut, Elderberry, and Vanilla Glazed. They were definitely surprised that these babies are dairy and egg free.
Fellow MFA peers Seth, Kate, and Tovah.
The last almond croissant.
Crisp, lightly flaked, semi-sweet and golden on the outside, a slight salty nutty flavor on the inside-- a winning combination!
Showing it off-- deliciously scrumptious from start to finish.
Group shot: Megan (Certificate) with us-- Seth, Kate, Tovah, and me. Plus the treats! Thanks Justine (BFA/Certificate certified) for the picture. A very huge congratulations to all of the graduates. I will miss them all.

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