Monday, February 20, 2012

Vegan Comfort Favorites

One of my childhood delights was always macaroni and cheese sans cut up hotdogs.
Something wonderfully fulfilling from a lovely bowl of creamy macaroni enveloped in the good cheese (not that questionable powdery madness) especially on cold wintry nights- which are severely lacking around here. 
In this vegan version, there are chunks of broccoli florets and soy ground adding another flavorful dimension of a mixture of Daiya cheddar shreds (this is some good stuff ya'll *Paula Deen voice*!), mustard, soy milk, garlic, Bac N' Bits, and a blend of seasonings. Delicious, albeit dangerous, it's a hot meal meant to be devoured and savored slowly for it's a sensuous dance on the tongue, as smooth and yummy as the darkest Lindt chocolate bar.
Yup, I could easily become addicted to this treat...

I enjoy the heck out of some garbanzo beans!
From salads to falafel patties, they are a versatile bean that I could just eat alone.
Filled with fiber and protein, I paired these organic garbanzo beans with brown rice, garlic, cumin, salt, and black pepper and a healthy dose of my friends- carrots and broccoli.
Lovely, light lunch or dinner fare that will fill the body up with an energizing kind of happiness.

Last week, I found a recipe for Creamy Avocado Pasta and thought it sounded like an interesting conceptual meal.
I don't usually pair avocados in pasta dishes, especially as a sauce and primarily use the ingredient as a sandwich insert or as the sidekick of a dish, but I wanted to try it out at least once.
Sounded and looked divinely amazing.
Here, I used angel hair instead of spaghetti (haha! it's quicker!) and tossed in spinach after the pasta was fully cooked. The creamy sauce consisted of one ripe avocado, olive oil, a little coconut milk, diced tomatoes, a dash of lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper.
Verdict: Worthy of making again!
It's compelling how delicious this is!
I wonder why I never embarked these flavor combinations.
A cozy, tasty dish, I savored every bite of angel hair and wished for more.
Everyday I learn new, refreshing delights about veganism and can't wait to explore more! :)
As for my girlish figure, I work out everyday- jump rope, yoga, belly dancing (get Shimmy!!!), Wii Fit, etc. Didn't go on this venture to lose weight and I'm happy to say that after almost two months, I've managed to retain the shape I used to hate and be ashamed of


  1. I love my mac n cheese, so glad you posted this recipe. I wish my area sold that vegan cheese, just don't have it. I didn't know bacon bits was vegan!?!

  2. Bac N Bits are indeed vegan, lolz. Oh gosh, have you tried going onto the Daiya website and doing the store locator? I thought I would have had to order it online, but found out there were grocery stores that actually carried it in my area! Hope that helps. :)