Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thai Kitchen

Thai food is absolutely yummy cuisine!
If I could afford to it eat every single day, I would.
Past Saturday's restaurant visit has truly motivated my brain into believing that maybe I could actually attempt making such great dishes and perhaps succeed.
For one thing, avocado rolls look to be the simplest and least expensive...
The Thai Kitchen in Centerville offers a vast variety of delicious fare with a very large vegetarian/vegan menu that one can fully appreciate.
For my appetizer, I ordered the aforementioned avocado rolls- creamy ripened avocados in the center of cold, but perfectly cooked jasmine rice and nori seaweed wrappers with a side of wasabi and slices of fresh ginger.

Main course- Tofu Pad Thai, a deliciously compelling masterpiece of rice noodles, bean sprouts, carrot shreds, broccoli florets, and tantalizing doses of fried cubes of tofu served with a side of crushed peanuts, cabbage slaw, basil leaves, and lime.
Just amazing in taste and presentation- sweet crunch from the peanuts, a savory bite from the crisp texture of the tofu, and a lightened glaze on the noodles.
A highly recommendable item off the extensive menu and not something to regret or be disappointed by at all!

Why skimp out on dessert?
It's the best part of the meal after all and the overall end to a yummy Thai trilogy.
The grand finale, a treat worthy of raving about from the rooftops- the large, delectable scoop of coconut milk ice cream tasted like heaven. Its sweet, rich flavor and bits of wonderfully surprising coconut pieces melted onto a delightfully happy tongue and I greedily wished for more as I devoured spoonful upon spoonful. 
Now I actually have So Delicious's Vanilla Coconut Milk at home and wonder if there's a way to make it without an ice cream maker. It's something I'm willing to try.
Stay tuned for a future experiment....
Overall, the three course meal was excellent

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