Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy National Vegetarian Week!

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Hope everyone remembered that it was National Vegetarian Week and that you've enjoyed lots of delicious meals that were healthy, animal free, and delicious. It's simply amazing that a lot of  people don't realize that fruits, vegetables, whole grains, soy proteins, nuts, and legumes can make for fulfilling, exciting meals at any time of day. All you need is to use inventive imagination or even utilize a cookbook (there are many, many vegetarian/vegan recipes out there) to get that inspiration cooking!
I'm tasting and creating yummy dishes whenever possible.
Being in the kitchen is one of the most compelling parts of everyday living- there's always bound to be adventure afoot!

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Officially I've been a vegetarian for fourteen years now and having recently started veganism, I wish I had given up dairy and eggs ages ago!
Learning about what truly transpired in slaughterhouses- the horrors and atrocities that animals go through (cramped cages, being fed tons of unnatural crap, family separation, rape, etc.) from a Combined Health District guest speaker, I found it barbaric, disgusting, and murderous, passionately deciding to become vegetarian at fourteen years old.

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Could you stand roasting, baking, sauteing your domesticated friend and exclaiming "boy does Fido taste juicy and succulent?"
I think not.
Case closed. ( I would go on and on and on, but nope.)
Happy National Vegetarian Week and remember:

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