Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Most Most Awesome Vegantastic Wednesday

The sign should say "Welcome To a Great Afternoon & Pleasant Evening!"
On days when eyes open from a blissful dream and body lays serene as air conditioner blows cool air and a little beautiful cat paws for breakfast or a treat to calm her furry belly's hunger, a certain magic sparks with promise. Okay- this happens everyday for me, but it was even stronger today.
Today, I received my first assignment as an intern to Dayton City Paper- a very intelligent independently ran paper that I read faithfully every week for the intelligent articles, reviews, and coming attractions to our little city. My upcoming story is to cover the August African American Cultural Festival! Yippee! It's quite exciting and I'm looking forward to this amazing opportunity to put writing to another use.
Days of Our Lives was great this afternoon (sorry, I had to say it!) and the news of Earthfare's free ice cream celebration made me feel like celebrating even further! It's almost an hour bus trip, my favorite kind of adventure (and yes, soooo excited I missed my stop too).
Here I share So Delicious treats and some amazing new discoveries found in Centerville- a place I must go more often.
Yay! I made it & beat the summer heat!
Hmmmm. I may have to get this Herbal Skin Crack...
Hail Merry's (never heard of them! Why???) line of raw treats were on sale 2 for $6!
I had to try the Chocolate Raw Almond Butter Miracle Tart.
Miraculous alright....
And here's my free vegan ice cream sundae- So Delicious Chocolate Coconut Milk topped with Soy Whip & cherries. My thighs are definitely going to Guilty Vegan Jail today. Pilates (combative superheroine against all caloric evils) for the win!A big thank you to Earthfare for providing the nourishing chocoholic ice cream & sweet toppings! So very, very cordial of them!
Speaking of So Delicious- I found their Greek style yogurts! FINALLY!!!
After Earthfare, I walked over to Marshalls. Curse thee who placed these beautiful flats in the wrong section! Me wanted them, but feet are just a wee too big. If only toes weren't so necessary- I'd cut them off for these. Hahaha!
Hats off to those going to SDCC (San Diego Comic Con). Until that day I get to head over to California for geekery enjoyment, I shall simply squee at all things Marvel, DC, & Independent Comics designed into real life situations such as these X-Men headphones! 
Chyeah! Homemade Zombies. Better than making cookies, I bet!
OMG! $6 Pig Pancake Pan. Too cute right?
And tree pencils! Ugh! Marshalls has everything!
These beauty products were the biggest steals of the day easily! Juice Organics (one of my favorite brands) Pomwash Facial Cleanser with pineapple and papaya enzymes plus pomegranate, organic white grape, peach, and aloe juices sound like a miraculously delicious treat for my face! Sukin, an Australian vegan company first caught my attention from Paint It Black, a vegan beauty blogger from Australia. (See her post on Sukin's lip balm here). This hair conditioner has a boat load of great oils like avocado, sesame, wheat germ, jojoba, rose hip, etc and it's formulated for dry hair!
Juice Organics Pomwash was 40% off the $10 price & the Sukin hair conditioner was 50% a great bargain especially considering how much it costs to ship this bad boy! (or bad girl!) Can't wait to use both of these and review them!
Marshalls also sells some great vegan snacks such as Brad's Raw Kale! OMG! At $3.49 each, there are various flavors- Baked, Nacho, Naked, and...... Vampire Killer? Heehee. Must be garlic-y? :D
The wonderful day ended at Bed, Bath, & Beyond with the cutest trash can ever seen. 
And what did I come home to- Emily of New Moon: The Complete Series based on L. M. Montgomery's trilogy on a passionate, spirited orphaned writer! Some prefer Anne of Green Gables (which I too adore)- but Emily- well, she's my personal favorite. Marathon time indeed.


  1. Congrats on your first assignment! Sounds interesting. You found some neat little things at Marshalls...loving the make your own zombies.

    1. Thanks! I'm so very excited to play Lois Lane next week! Marshalls is so awesome as well as TJ Maxx. They have such great low priced items, especially organic beauty supplies and vegan snacks. Will definitely go again! :)