Thursday, June 26, 2014

Earth Balance Curbs Away Cheez-Its Desire With Fantastic Vegan Cheddar Flavor Squares

A happy gal and orange beak companion enjoying a new box of Earth Balance's Vegan Cheddar Awesomeness!
When I first became vegan (oh so long ago), I had a craving. A huge craving. I could make "cheesy" squares (crackers actually) of my own, but was much too lazy to take on the task. Funny right? Considering that some meals take an upwards of three hours to prepare. The cravings would persist and I would look at Cheetos and Cheez-Its, saying to myself aren't these composed of fake cheese anyway? Of course I never gave in. Nonfat milk, whey, and cheese "cultures" being primary ingredients turned the stomach just a bit.
I have Earth Balance's White Cheddar Puffs and Vegan Buttery Popcorn to keep me company, but alas they have perfected a Cheez-Its victory. Yippee!! Vegan Cheez-Its are here!
For weeks, they advertised on Facebook.
I went to Whole Foods anticipating to try their latest- Vegan Cheddar Flavor Squares.And.....

THEY WERE ALWAYS OUT! You too would be pulling out afro hairs if you saw this week after week. Oh the angst!
I waited for them to stock. With great patience. Greatest patience ever mustered for a vegan product. The desperation making pores drench out sweat long before stepping outside in the heat. Alas, I gave up and headed towards another Whole Foods location (the one that doesn't sell Earth Balance's Aged White Cheddar Puffs). They had three full facings of much desired crackers. THREE FACINGS! Sorry for the exclamations and caps, but how else could you all understand my excitement, my hype.
I picked up a box, hugged it against my chest, and sang "Hallelujah."
Okay. Not really.
I placed it in my reusable grocery tote and fought the urge to stuff my face on the bus.

Yummiest little squares ever concocted. And no animal harmed. Gotta adore that.
As soon as I returned home, propriety flew out the window! I was on the crackers like a raving Cookie Monster on a cookie rampage. Nom nom nom nom nom nom. ;)
Earth Balance has once again swept in with its superhero dynamics- rescued us vegans from our withdrawals of beloved childhood favorites. These squares are incredible! The shape, the minute dots- perfection! They perfected art of the Cheez-It. Oh my goodness! I scarfed like crazy- pretending that a serving size of 35 squares an achievable goal. Maybe went overboard. Never counted.  Who does?
Anyways- let's talk flavor profile. What a terrific cheesy blast- a real delicious punch to the buds. Earth Balance comes out on top once again. I love this company to death. They always recreate childhood favorites and Vegan Cheddar Flavor Squares do not disappoint. Sharp notes of sheer genius. It wasn't too salty. Tasted like an exact replica almost. Plus got the infamous orange "cheese" hands and mouth. Not bad.
Highly recommend this for snack time zip lock baggies. Definitely worth putting on grocery lists.
However, don't be astonished when stores are out of stock. The maddening craze for Earth Balance related anything is real. I nickname the company- Vegan Insanity for a reason.

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