Monday, July 21, 2014

Let The Lips Have It: My Favorite Vegan Balms

Cruelty free beauty.
I have tried various lip balms over the years. Some were good. Some were awful. Now two years, seven months later, as a vegan, brands like Chapstick and Carol's Daughter are no longer it for me. I have cherished not only making Homemade Vegan Lip Glosses, but finding companies that create wonderful products designed to keep lips soft and hydrated without cruel additives. Few are below $5 and pricier ones are well worth the extra bucks.
Just remember that nothing beats a good animal free (no beeswax!) moisturizer for the pout.
Here are a few of my top picks.

Vanilla Chai Lip Balm is a delicious fix without all the Starbucks calories and sugar count. Plus at $4.99, it lasts longer than a one sitting cup.
Soothing Touch 70% Organic Vanilla Chai Lip Balm, $4.99. Smells so amazing that friends can smell it centimeters away and mistake it for perfume. Keeps lips soft with light sheen. Find this caffeine free fix at most health food stores or online at Soothing Touch.
Pacifica is lip heaven for those who desire balm and a light color.
Pacifica Coconut Kiss Creamy Lip Butter in Lava, $8.99. For those who love a red lip that is muted. I love wearing this to major events like art receptions. The more one applies the bolder it can be. Find these at most Whole Foods Stores or online at Pacifica Naturals. Also highly recommend Pacifica's Enlightened Gloss Nourishing Mineral Lip Shine in Ravish (sheer pomegranate with subtle gold), $12.00- a personal favorite- not a balm, but it's a necessity!
Thumbs up to Out Of Africa!
Out Of Africa Tropical Vanilla Lip Balm With SPF 15, $4.99. This is a must for summer! Has a yummy scent, keeps lips uber hydrated, AND offers protection from the sun. Be wary of the little pieces of balm that cling to lips. Find at most drug stores and online at Out Of Africa.

Checking out the Limeade.
Crazy Rumors in Limeade, $3.49. Another sweet treat addiction. Perfect flavor for wickedly hot summer. This was in my freebie bag from the Philadelphia Vegfest and I must say it's a nice one. Glides onto lips slick without goopiness. However, this lip licking flavor doesn't last long. Find it at specialty health food stores and online at Crazy Rumors.
Honorable mention:
Booda Butter, $3.99. Called "vegan bliss for your lips" for a reason. Keeps kissably moist lips saturated. A light sheen. Not too glossy. Find it at most health food stores and online at Booda Butter.

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