Monday, June 8, 2015

Brooklyn's All Vegan Champs Diner

I can see why my NYC vegan cyber friends always recommend me to try Champs Diner out. It's simply fantastic. Opened from 8AM to 12AM everyday, they have cravings fare from breakfast to brunch to dinner. Relaxed environment with black booths and bar stools. I sat at the stool, admiring baked treats like cinnamon rolls and scones in display cases. I came primarily to order the hit, the top charter.This here is their signature macaroni and cheese with bacon and broccoli. OMG. I drooled the minute this smoking plate was set in front of my face. The smell hit me like lightning. Smelled cheesy and inviting. Truly one of the hottest, most seductive meals yet encountered in my eating out vegan experience, especially as far as macaroni and cheese is concerned.
And they do not skimp on the broccoli either. These are giant, lightly cooked florets that lessen the guilt over mouth watering cheese galore and savory smoked bacon pieces. Rich, creamy goodness seducing the mind with stimulating thoughts of supreme satisfaction. Each addictive bite more euphoric than the last. In between forkfuls of firm macaroni are the crunchy breadcrumbs providing flavorful texture.
In between heavy breathing and rapt closed eyes, I managed to finish. There was no way this macaroni and cheese would survive a take out box anyway. Amazing. Incredible. A winner of the "I cannot believe that was truly truly vegan" moment! I enjoyed the space. The waitresses were nice. It does get uber busy, but there is solid order. No real chaos.  
For dessert, a milkshake. They have options like peanut butter, cookies, chocolate chips or coffee syrup. I decided on vanilla with brownie pieces and whipped cream. Perfect blend! And I walked it off, touring Brooklyn skies, enjoying one amazing meal and the energy to skip around, delighted and thrilled to have finally dined at one of Brooklyn's finest vegan treasures. Cannot wait to come back to carb myself up. They have pie for goodness sakes! Pie!

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