Monday, June 29, 2015

New Product Alert: Daiya's New Boxed Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese

 Move over Earth Balance (or at least scoot), a new vegan boxed mac has joined the party. It's slaying harder than Buffy on Halloween night.
Hmmmm, is it me or am I eating too much comfort food lately? By comfort food, I mean macaroni & cheese.
Last week, I went back home to Dayton for a few days to spend time with my family- especially my sweet adorable nephew for Father's Day. Prior to that, I visited my favorite Kroger- the one by Town & Country Shopping Center. I have immensely missed Kroger and their prices! Merci! Merci! Merci! (blows a million air kisses). Lo and behold they had an array of new vegan products that the two Center City Whole Food stores in Philly don't even have yet. I swear they care so much abut vegans and keeping things within budget. I was lucky to find all three boxes of Daiya's stylish sleek design packaged macaroni & cheese and decided on the Cheesy Mac. I believe it was under $4.
Daiya once again does not disappoint! I love them for branching out beyond cheese wedges and blocks. They have taken over frozen pizza and cheesecake in the freezers. Now they are armed and aiming for the pasta shelf. According to this one tested version, they are succeeding triumphantly.
I enjoyed Daiya's animal free, soy free, gluten free version of Kraft Deluxe-- the fancier mac n cheese of childhood that boasted about using real milk and cheese, none of that powder stuff! Daiya is creamy rich decadence. They have somehow put tht familiar vegan cheddar style wedge we know and love gave a little oomph inside of the silver pouch. I followed directions boiling pasta whilst adding frozen broccoli-- yes  love broccoli to death. (FYI: we're getting married, having chocolate babies and registered at a thrift store!) Anyways. Clapping for Daiya. The cheese flavor is strong, mild, believable. Not too salty. I don't like my pasta too al deinte. I like it firm but not mushy. So that also worked out well.
Here is how I created my simple meal using Daiya's innovative spin.

Squeezed silver packet. The mild oil separation was a little funky looking, but that changed real quick!
Stir well. Afterwards, if you are alone like me, pour half into a container. You simply must fight against eating a 3 serving box of addiction.
Enjoy the other portion, sprinkling on basil herb yumminess.
Praise Daiya this is gooooooooooood!

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