Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant

Originally, my friends (this beautiful couple I know) and I were going to see a special screening of Hayao Miyazaki's memorable classic "Spirited Away" film at the Ritz. It was sold out. Thus, we made plans to New Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant-- a star vegan spot in Chinatown, on a Sunday instead. We ordered the special four course meal which consisted of house soup, veggie pancakes, three entrees, and dessert.
This 3-4 portioned House Steamed Bun Soup was absolutely divine. Plump cooked to perfection steamed buns filled with veggies surrounded in flowing carrots, peppers, and leaves, sitting in a clear vegetable stock.
Fried addictive veggie pancakes. Hard to eat one let alone two.
The soup was delicious!
"Beef" tips in broccoli and mock fried fish both served with broccoli. I usually am not a fan of faux meats, but New Harmony is doing something right. They're solely using tofu and seitan in uniquely innovative ways. They're seasoned well, the textures aren't chewy and awkward, flavors are spot on. Nothing is too salty or in need of salt. Though they gave us white rice instead of brown, the food was amazing.
I believe this is the mock duck-- triangular shaped tofu cutlets in a dark brown gravy decorated with broccoli and large white onion slices. Absolutely superb. My personal favorite of the three entree selections, these crisp, tender "meaty" additions were exceptional. I often dreamed of getting my tofu to taste similar.
Yum yum jasmine tea. I like enjoying Asian teas without the sugar. The flavor notes are strong and powerful. Extra sweetness interrupts pleasant herbs.
I was surprised by this fantastic fried raspberry cheesecake. My friend pulled a candle out of his pocket, stuck it in the candle, and lit the wick. He coaxed our friend/co-worker Laura, who was sitting at a table nearby, to engage in a quiet "happy birthday" serenade as not to disturb the other guests. To our disbelief, everyone in the section chimed in. The terrific moment almost made my eyes water. I hadn't expected such a wonderful showing of solidarity. It definitely felt like a scene out of a feel good film.
Neapolitan dessert trio: one had strawberry, one had chocolate, and one had vanilla. The delicate crunch, edible fortune cookies  tasty (like a real actual thin cookie) with my fortune reading, "enjoy three desserts a week.." Sweet ending to an otherwise superb meal. There's already plans in the works to try out the Sunday all-you-can-eat vegan buffet that just might end lives.


  1. Wow, everything looks delicious.I dream of making that perfect tofu myself. Someday, maybe. It sounds like a wonderful meal with wonderful people.

    1. Thank you. It was very, very special.
      I hope you can make perfect tofu someday. I'm sure you'll master it soon. After all, tofu is a good friend. :)