Monday, December 5, 2016

Vegan Mofo Day #20: Beter + Leuk

In my Vegan Mofo 2016 Finale, which is better late than never I suppose, from Africa to the land of the Dutch, I had this amazing five hour layover in Amsterdam. My good friend met me at the airport with muffins as mentioned in Notes from the Plane.  We went to Rijksmuseum to check out Veermeer and Rembrandt paintings.
Vermeer is one of my favorite painters of all time. Of course, I relished being able to stand by four of his works, especially 1669's The Milkmaid. Like most of his works, small scale and intimate, this showcases precise technical precision in ways figure's skin, her clothing, and every item on the table is rendered. The quality of Vermeer's painting skills profoundly captivates the mind.
Conveniently enough, Rachel Ruysch, one of few women painters in existence here, had a gorgeous, impressively blooming painting seeming to burst from its simple golden frame. Entitled Still Life with Flowers in a Glass Vase, painting has signature alluring beauty to assure a viewer that it is indeed a Ruysch. She was last year's focus on last year's Vegan Mofo post-- a theme on female painters.
Fresh flowers, sugar cubes, and teas decorate our painted green wood table.
For cafe lattes, cappuccinos, and other stylish hot drinks, they have options of almond and oat milks for dairy free alternatives. Other vegan treasures include smoothies, acai bowls, pancakes, sandwiches, and desserts.
She got the latte. I got the mixed berry smoothie. (Yes, I love mixed berry).
We munched on fantastic Dutch Weed Burgers-- a savory delicacy found in select Amsterdam locations! Don't worry these babies are drug free. On The Dutch Weed Burger it says, "with seaweed as the key flavour maker. The juicy patty is made of briny soy shreds and Royal Kombu, a tasty and healthy winter weed, sustainably cultivated in the Dutch region of Zeeland. The crispy O-mega bun colours bright green, due to the superfood chlorella, a microalgae packed with nutritious proteins and Omega acids. The finishing taste touch is done by our Weed Sauce, enriched with Sea Lettuce, a fresh summer weed that brings a nice freshness to this healthy snack. The burger is vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal." Thus, the patties are moist, tender, and juicy with crisp fixings and an irresistible secret sauce better than anything McGarbage invented. Plus the buns are superb. I loved the heck out of this unique meal experience-- very artistic in a way. Plus, my friend and I discussed possibly traveling next summer-- looking at art and eating vegan food! I think this would be a solid plan. I'm on board.
Not just a foodie and coffee haven, Beter + Leuk also serves as a mini thrift shop. Sweaters, jackets, books, magazines.... and little handmade gifts galore surround the shop.
Traveling companion seated on the pretty table.
They also have high tea and brunch.
Right nearby is their other location-- a larger shopfront dedicated to indie Dutch loving needs.
There we are! A year and nine months ago, we met in Philly and enjoyed Vedge. Now we spent an amazing day in Amsterdam, but it's definitely not the last time for this dynamic intersectional vegan duo!


  1. Oooh, I'd love any place that combines vegan burgers and a thrift store! Looks like a great way to spend a short stay in Amsterdam! We were there a couple of years ago and queued for hours to get into the Rijksmuseum, then were a bit underwhelmed by it. I loved the Van Gogh museum nearby though.

    1. It was a quaint little shop/restaurant! I wish to go again someday-- maybe even next summer. I actually liked the Rijksmuseum, but definitely shooting for Van Gogh next time around! :)