Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Thank You Hurraw!

This is the first order from Hurraw's direct website. In the past, American Apparel sold them upfront.
Everyone in the world knows that Hurraw is my favorite lip balm-- more specifically the amazing Black Cherry Tinted flavor. Keeping lips soft, pliant, and moist, this perfect pout lip treat didn't make the Best Vegan Beauty Bets list for nothing. In fact, Hurraw's beautiful, sweet smelling, intense red colored balm is likely always going to be found on my list, staying a consistent aide to someone whose makeup routine is purely minimal.
The joys of balm.
Hurraw sent me the loveliest package:

As a treat-- which was completely unexpected-- I received a fetching new flavor (with a different package design) as a special bonus.
And they used the receipt to write the sweetest note. I see the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Thanks Hurraw for welcoming me to the family. I loved this brand for years now.