Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sunday Outing

This is the second time venturing out to what was once The Sanctuary, the little pond behind Hospice where I often brought light lunches, books to read, and a creative spirit. Since I haven’t visited my serenity place in forever, I’m making up for lost time while the weather remains beautiful, while the ducks are still present. On the way to the newly renovated pond (more open and less seclusion because they have chopped down the suspenseful, magical overgrown trees), I stopped by the Kroger to pick up my ingredients sans my old wicker basket. I found a lot of clearance items like 99 cent French bread and $1.09 fruit pie filling (which turned out to be the most delightful surprise on the bread— who needs jam?!). After I had eaten some of the amazing spread, I watched two ducks, rested a bit atop of the rocks, and read Shirley Jackson horror (‘tis the season). What a treat!

Lunch included nasayo’s Organic Vegan Tofu Vegetable Dumplings, a loaf of clearanced French bread, markdown Michigan Cherry Fruit Pie Filling, and Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. 

Fruit pie filling on bread is an instant dreamy treasure! 


  1. The pond looks like a beautiful place to spend some time; that's so sad that they took down a bunch of trees, though!
    The fruit pie filling sounds amazing on the bread!