Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Homemade Avocado Seed & Banana Face Mask

Never throw this away ever again for this little pit holds the key to glowing, dewy skin.
Am I the only one who always feel regret about discarding avocado pits?
That smooth brown rounded seed must be good for something if their fleshy tasty green surroundings have so many uses it's hard to pin it down to just one. So alas, it was time to research if this should continue being garbage... 
Well, through the grapevine (aka, the Internet), I learned that this makes for a great mask blended with bananas. Faccia Bella calls it The Glow Factor and for great reason! I didn't add the olive oil (it's in my homemade moisturizer) nor used it as a scrub, but left it sitting on my face all mask-like.
After making this for the first time from now on, not another avocado seed will see the darkness of a trashcan bag. It's amazing magical natural loving for the face and I plan on using this once a week- the results were fantastic!

Homemade Avocado Seed & Banana Face Mask Ingredients and Preparation

1 avocado pit, completely dried (takes 5-6 days)
1 half ripened banana (feel free to eat the other half like me, lol)

Rid of the brown outer edge until all you have is a smooth, fleshy seed.
Grind & grind & grind until its a powdery consistency.
Toss in banana half & blend evenly.
Cleanse the face first & smile excitedly.
Let the mask sink into face for 3-5 minutes. A strange sensation happens here. Then rinse.
Tone & moisturize as usual & voila!
Delicately soft, satin finish & a radiance too lovely to sleep in.
I'm sure on some level Olivia is happy too! But I doubt this works on cats....


  1. What a great idea!! I eat avacados a few times a week, so I will be trying this! Love your sweet kitty! :)

    1. Awesome Amber! Make sure you let the avocado pits dry out completely! Takes up to 5 days! Olivia says thank you, lol. :D

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