Friday, June 22, 2012

New Items Anxious To Try

Officially joining the nutritional yeast bandwagon.

$53. 54.
Well, the grocery store trip wasn't what I originally planned. Learned an age old lesson here: never go hungry or without a list, one does truly end up buying loads of stuff they plan on eating right then and there.
Seriously, I craved everything vegan in the Nature's Market of Kroger's and left forgetting staples like chickpeas, black beans, brown rice, and soy/almond/coconut milk.
Not only do I still have farmer's market Saturday (might skip it this weekend), but need to go right back to Kroger's to get these very imperative items!!!
Never ever doing this again. Hahaha!
Anyways, with few coupons, I picked up some new stuff. Not all junk.
Nutritional yeast, I've often heard of, but have yet sampled, but apparently it smells and tastes of cheese.
As for the other things, Good 'N Natural Bars, Newman's Own Dark Chocolate Orange Bar, Almond Dark Chocolate Dreams Bar (will it be like my fave peanut butter, lol), Garden Of Eatin' tortilla chips, and De Boles organic pasta, I will hopefully give the hit/miss scoop!

Had a coupon of Buy 3, $1 off. These were on sale for $1 each, so got 1 free!
I miss those Hershey days. Hopefully these candy bars will help me forget. Newman's Own Dark Chocolate Orange was $2.29 & the Almond Dark Chocolate Dream was $2.49. Around the same price as Hershey's so...
Had a coupon for $1 off two bags of Garden Of Eatin chips. Though a hard, hard decision, chose Sweet Potato & Guacamole Tortilla Chips. They are $2.38 each.
Have been desiring to try this for weeks- Organic Spinach Fettuccine made with Jerusalem Artichoke Flour! At $2.39, I might as well give it a shot, right?
This time around only saved around $7.
Seriously plan on saving quadruple that.
With aide like, writing an actual list, and looking at weekly grocery ads, one cannot go wrong. Also another tip, with a Kroger's Plus card, you can go online, upload all kinds of coupons to it and when going into the checkout line it takes all off your chosen clippings automatically!
Now how sweet is that?
EDITED: Garden Of Eatin are not vegan. Returned ASAP. No trouble thankfully. But must remind myself to always check the ingredients of items. Just because they are sold in the Nature's Market along with a majority of vegan foods does not make it vegan. Honest mistake, I suppose. *sighs*

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