Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Farmer's Market And The Tempeh Trial

Saturday morning farmer's market haul included a lemon, zucchini, squash, avocados, spinach, basil, locally made maple syrup, and these popular greens called kale- something of which I've never tried!
Got up at the crack of dawn (yes, 10AM is early to me, lol) to head on down to 2nd Street Market, a ten minute trek from the new apartment.
As I walked along carrying reusable black tote, it was a blazing, hot scorcher.
Lots of directed sun and little to no cool shade.
But weather couldn't stop me from purchasing veggies from locally grown farms!

Lunch of sauteed tempeh, spinach, and red onions, Veetee Basmati Rice, and ripened avocado.
By the time I returned from mini shopping spree, only spending $15, stomach growled hungrily.
Remembering yesterday's purchase of Lightlife's tempeh, I wanted to incorporate never tried product with the flavorful taste of a few market veggies.

The main ingredients in today's lunch.
I researched tempeh recipes, trying to figure out the best way to cook the unfamiliar and ultimately decided the pan fried route would be the quickest way, especially for lunch.

Interesting texture, like compacted white corn, I cut half the package and created thick slices.
Dipped each slice into sesame oil, garlic, Italian seasonings blend, salt, pepper, a bit of maple syrup, & cumin.
Pan fried in olive oil.
Five minutes on each side until perfectly browned.
Turned off stove, left pan on burner while tossing in chopped red onions. spinach, & a bit more olive oil.
Within minutes spinach has shrunken.
After preparing rice & opening a ripened avocado, lunch is served & devoured.
Officially love this stuff.
Its crumbly texture, reminiscent of sausage takes on a flavor much different than tofu. Mild, nuttier, and fully amplifying few tossed in ingredients, tempeh has an incredible, meaty richness with a balanced touch of maple sweetness while warm leafy spinach, lemon zesty basmati rice, and buttery, melt-in-your-mouth avocado sophisicatedly completes the whole meal.


  1. looks delish! I hate waking up early too :(

    1. It was great! Just found a maple syrup tempeh sausage recipe that I can't wait to try out! Mornings=blah. Heehee.