Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy National Hug Your Cat Day & PB/Raspberry Sandwiches

It's so grey out, Mum. Where's my hug?

It's National Hug Your Cat Day!
Have you embraced your feline friend today?

An old pic of me & baby Olivia. Yes, we shall take more. If she wants...
Almost eight months of being a cat owner to a sweet little girl, life has certainly changed.
Regularly receiving snuggles, butterfly kisses, love bites, and a high five for treats (yes! I really get one!) just comes with the territory of cleaning up litter, feeding, watering, grooming, and berating the little one for scratching up walls in bouts of mischievous play.
Quite enjoyable, especially every morning seeing a curled up sleeping calico on your bed when she has one of her very own or tiny paws desiring to type along with meticulous fingertips.
So after many hugs, kisses, and workplace blues, I desired going here today:

My special place.
The Sanctuary is a lovely pond nearby and perfect summer getaway.
Revel in nature for absolutely free! :)
Worth the hour walking trek (yes! simply adore walking here!!!), it's pure bliss watching pretty duck families wandering in cool, shallow waters, hear gentle sounds of Mother Nature's hums, and sit in sweet grasses surrounded by lush green leafed thick trees.
Set behind Hospice, Sanctuary is a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere to be creative- whether it's composing journal thoughts, writing novel prose, or drawing in the sketchpad.
But alas, no walking on the agenda.
The day was dreary, cold, and almost depressing, freezing rain feeling like late autumn, early winter.
Oh well!
Not all is lost...
These Would Have Been Perfect Fare!
One can still make the perfect picnic lunch without going out into drenching downpour.
Polaner's has a line of incredible fruit spreads. From fruit juice concentrate, they taste better than certain jams/jellies of old, but not quite as sinfully delightful as freshly made preserves. Delicious on waffles, toast, and , it's been a lovely accompaniment to peanut butter and j.
Having raspberries due to become badness soon, an intriguing idea to use them to further enhance the taste of fruit spread came to mind.
Thus, I succumbed.
And pairing it with the world's best chocolate peanut butter- an ooey gooey match made in wet tongue heaven! Sweetly rich dark chocolate peanut butter greedily smothered with plump, juicy raspberries atop of spreadable fruit, it's a mature grown up version of the familiar whipped up childhood classic.
Now I'm inspired to find cute little cutters to create crustless finger sandwiches, sprinkle cinnamon and bake them, or peanut butter raspberry cupcakes?
My sweet tooth is buzzing on a rapturous high right now...
Better go hug Olivia again.
PB & J As Dessert? Are you nuts?
So next warm weather day (which is Friday according to forecasts!), packing up the old wicker basket, gingham blanket (do I have one?), the gallon water jug, and walking off to the Sanctuary!

I can fit in your basket, Mum!
With Olivia maybe...? ;)

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