Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Night On The Town Broadway First Timer Style

Mamma Mia at Broadhurst Theater.
", money, money, must be sunny, in a rich man's world!"
I've had that tune in my head since intermission. That intermission on Sunday night...
Finally used my raffle prize winnings (from the Apothecary Theater Company- thank you all so much!) to see Mamma Mia on Broadway! Formerly, Once, couldn't contain excitement the moment I received my will call tickets and first Playbill.
A classmate warned me about the "annoying" antics of cheesy pop ABBA.
However, I found myself in total enjoyment, in total rapture in all honesty. Oh the theater! The theater is so much fun!!!!! So entertaining! So grand and viscerally engaging! The phenomenal acting, the powerhouse singing, the sync choreography, the glitzy costumes- wonderful! The cast was perfectly suited for every role. They had the audience in hysterics or in sorrow or dancing like queens (and kings!). Just a widened array of emotion! I had such a fantastic view of the stage and sat next to some sweet ladies. Cannot begin to serenade how joyous the Sunday had been. There were even encores galore! Show was scheduled to end at 9:30 PM- we left at 10PM! So amazing how much energy was on hand!
Today, I am still listening to ABBA- well, with headphones on. No one needs to know that I'm a Dancing Queen now...
Prior to the show- stopped at Terri again. Yes, I may have an addiction to that chickpea "tuna" melt (which will be a mimicked recipe this week!) and the Butterfinger milkshake is nothing to sneeze at. Post show, took pictures outside and met some of the Mamma Mia cast members.
Post show: discovered a 24 hour Starbucks and 24 hour Sephora. Plus various licensed characters like Captain America, Spiderman, and Elmo ruled the street- in front of a late night Toys R Us. Quite outrageous madness for a Sunday. But I guess that's how they do Times Square.
Funny coincidence alert- Judy McLane the actress playing hot mama Donna Sheridan was on Guiding Light. Ummmm..... remember that Tom Pelphrey (the APC co-founder, two time winning actor from Guiding Light- guy met in Brooklyn and skillfully dodged in Connecticut). So thus, this completed an oddly chained circle ignited by the dead soap opera- forever alive in my heart thanks to Youtube and a dedicated fan forum.
Life couldn't get any more seriously serialized than than that.

Cheetah scarf!
Does this look familiar? Why yes, it is Terri, my favorite eatery. Chickpea "tuna" melt and the irresistible Butterfinger milkshake.
The official Playbill and prize tickets!
Met the lovely, very talented Elena Ricardo, former gymnast, who played lead Sophie Sheridan.
Spiderman texting.
Captain America was heading straight towards me for reasons unknown.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse with Elmo calling it a night.

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