Monday, March 17, 2014

Three State Weekend Paved On A Tiger Lily Road

Adele Dazeem also known as Idina Menzel has a new Broadway musical If/Then.
Remember on the night on February 22nd that I mentioned going to Torrington, Connecticut to see the premiere of Michael Medeiros's quirky independent film, Tiger Lily Road? It stars Tom Pelphrey (2 time Daytime Emmy award winning Guiding Light actor and theater aficionado), Ilvi Dulack, and Karen Chamberlain. Well, it finally happened.
My bus to a small, unlikely place for latest adventure was due to arrive at Philadelphia at 4:05 AM on March 15th. Yes. 4:05 AM. I had been way too excited to sleep. Prior to arriving at the Greyhound Station, I was in my studio eating chocolate bars and drawing mermaids. Practically high on sugar and happiness the whole way on the road. I kept to myself, scaring nothing but my own racing heart.
After arriving in New York and playing around willy nilly with the three hour layover (okay not playing I forgot where the NYC station was), I almost missed the transfer. I know. I know. I'm really bad with time. The driver even stated, "I would have left you and you would have to wait until 5PM for the next one." I already knew this information. But grateful, I thanked him for pausing for me. He didn't have to.
Hours later, I checked into my hotel and jumped on the bed for a while. Not lying. It's impossible not to be enthused about something I had been dying to see for so long. And it took being in a strange, unknown town for me to get to this point.
I spent the afternoon venturing around, familiarizing myself with the locale, the very locale Tiger Lily Road was filmed. Nice and quiet with melted snow.
By the way, this should surprise no one, I did walk through two wrong doors to get to the right theater, but hey, that happens to common scatterbrains...
Tiger Lily Road was well worth the wait. And believe me, I had been impatient for a while. I first saw its trailer years ago. Back then, it looked like a pop up dollhouse featurette. It had a campaign too. I almost bought the Jezebel shirt. Now I feel extreme regret over the Jezebel shirt- featured in a scene along with pink heart decorated pajama pants- an outfit rarely seen together on so masculine a man. That's another story. Still, that's why it's imperative to support a filmmaker's vision, especially if something within screenplay resonates to you- the viewer. I do feel horrid for not supporting Tiger Lily Road enough on its burgeoning baby wheels.
Seeing its premiere in the flesh was some redemption. The dark, edgy comedy was brilliant and funny with some sexiness and buns of steel and other unmentionable treats. Just everything I hoped it would be and more. I simply cannot get "don't be a lily all your life" out of my mind. That little phrase sings like a chirping bird. Maybe I should take that advice.
I wish I could see again... like tomorrow, like right now!
Michael said that they may be premiering it again in NYC come May or June. I pray that this is true.
In the meantime, I look forward to posting my review soon. Word of mouth must spread like bee honeyed wildfire to get a buzz going on this film. It deserves that. Plus, it won a Cincinnati (where yours truly scored her undergrad) Screenplay Award- definitely fate. If that makes any sense...
After the film ended and credits rolled, the Q&A started up. It turns out Tom wasn't the original male lead. How interesting! It was filmed during a course of 3 winters. Tom lived with a nice lady during his stay. Had car trouble. The film's opening scene also had another cast switcheroo.
"It just wasn't the right dog!" Michael exclaimed.
I also liked that a longtime Torrington resident said that he never seen his town depicted in such a way, that the film made him see it through new spectacles. That was so wonderful!
I jotted more notes amongst scribbled drawings of tiger lilies, filled out the little white response card, accidentally left new umbrella, squealed on camera how much I loved the movie (they were conducting live audience responses as well as the written), and left out the wrong door. Needless to say, in the shadows of a rain residue evening, I climbed and jumped atop things in a short dress (hey, I wore tights AND underwear- great etiquette!) and got boots dirtier. Kind of funny and ridiculous at the same time. At least, I didn't break an ankle or inflicted bodily harm- which klutzes are typically known for. Thankfully, no one saw me doing these things. I hope...
I skipped jovially back to the hotel, wondering how a lady gets so lucky when summer, birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are so many months away....
And speaking of early gifts- next Sunday is Broadway Sunday! My friend and I will be off to see Mamma Mia (formerly Once) thanks to the ATC raffle. I'm stoked!!!

Not the Greyhound. My bus transferred to Peter Pan. My first time ever on the green bus!
Form fitted dress from Philly Aids Thrift and a thick black belt found Saturday morning at Forever 21 on Broadway in NYC. Tie purposefully matches red lipstick. Yes. I look like a reporter lady.
On my way, I spotted a cutesy sign featuring a happy squirrel (or is it a raccoon?) holding chopsticks and a bowl of yum- the perfect lunch destination called Teriyaki Boy.
I ordered the steamed tofu bowl with brown rice and soy ginger garlicky sauce. So good.
Found one mural.
The horsey was the best! She/he is comprised of mosaic tiles and cut up paintings. So beautiful!
This little town of Torrington is quite quaint in certain spots, primarily downtown. I can see why one would film a movie here. It's pleasant.
The main attraction.
The many years wait was over!!!
Really amazingly fragrant salad featuring crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, hearts of palms (first time trying this and it's delicious!), artichokes, and red wine vinaigrette.
Back to the room, watching "Set It Off," only the saddest film ever, guiltily enjoying Sahale Fruit & Almond Cherries, Apples, and Maple clustered snacks in bed. I promise no crumbs were left!
The morning selfie.
Toasted bagels and orange juice and a Golden Girls TV Land marathon. Made of breakfast win!
Trees are still naked, waiting for spring clothes.
Indigo, purple, and grey blue sky. Just lovely.
Lush greenery is finally spotted.
Frozen lakes and rivers.
Going back to NYC.


  1. Once again, I loved your adventure, and I thank you for giving me the rundown on everything here and and elsewhere. It makes one feel that they didn't miss anything! :) P.S. Rock on with that Golden Girls marathon! ;)

    1. Thanks Jessica!!! And you're very welcomed. Wish you had been there. We would have had a supreme blast together!!! Hahahahaha. Golden Girls fan eh? :D

    2. I believe we would have indeed had an amazing time. Of course, I am! I watched it more growing up, but I still tune into those fabulous ladies. :)

    3. A lady after my own heart! Alas an online soul mate! Now I can only imagine Guiding Light and Golden Girls marathons alongside meeting Tom adventures. Someday maybe. :)