Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Philly We Have A Problem: Hynoptic Chronic Hip City Veg Obsession

Vegans beware. The Zippy Burger and the Pumpkin Spice Shake together is a lethal injection of addictive, satisfying plant based yumminess guaranteed to fulfill hunger craving any time of day. Well, except late night.
Happy birthday to my older brother Rob and Happy election day peeps!
Hope you're having the best, most glorious day known to man! Yay!

Bro and I back in the day! Okay circa 4 years ago, still....
Today, I would love to discuss newfound Philadelphia addiction. I might have to join a support group soon.
It started off innocent enough. I promise.
Some local vegan rave tweeted about Pumpkin Spice Milkshake at Hip City Veg. Posted a picture too. I happened to be writing away at Rittenhouse Square Starbucks and thought "hey! I should go." After all, Google Maps revealed vegan joint was in three minute vicinity. PB & J  had planned to be dinner again. Bread smothered in Peanut Butter and Company's Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter ($3.74 at Target!) and Bonne Maman's Cherry Preserves is never a bad thing. It's a pretty damn good sandwich. Yet you know what they say about routines. Gotta switch it up every now and then.
For a long while, since summer Vegfest, I had been meaning to go to one of the most popular vegan local spots around. It has a huge following as well as a colorful food menu. 
So I walked three minute walk. Modest diverse crowd waited. Baseball capped ladies behind the counter were nice and warm, taking orders in cordial manner. Menu is written on a wall, huge font and all. Ziggy Burger was first and beckoning. My ravenous stomach just melted at listed ingredients.
From that moment, I found delicious heaven to call home.
If my bads are horrid, twenty minute walk (from school) to Hip City Veg is a chic, upbeat place to eat.
And of course, dreamily gaze at beautiful men enjoying plant based meals. Makes my sketchbook happy.

Ziggy Burger (properly titled, it's jammin' mon!) is a juicy, well seasoned patty topped with smoked tempeh, crisp lettuce, mouth watering tomato slices, crunchy pickles, and a special secret sauce that is just what the food coma doctor ordered. No "cheese" needed. Plus I cannot fathom how anyone can have fries with this?! It fills me up every single time! This is the best vegan burger I've had here in Philly so far. Just impressed. I'm always eager for another. Not soon after. I mean like the next day. Ha.
Ummm... I tried to save this amazing Pumpkin Spice Milkshake to destination, but managed to slurp huge percentage. It's so sweet. Sweet in a good way. Pumpkin and spices make for the creamiest treat imaginable. May be getting colder and darker and winter may be coming, but I suggest that everyone try Pumpkin Spice Milkshake before it's gone! The many months anticipation will likely kill you pumpkin fiends. It kills me already knowing that it will not be available soon. Oh the tormenting torture.
Last week. It was night time. Happened to be in the area again.
Today. I wanted to have that Pumpkin Spice Shake before it roll bounced on me. I even had to tweet Hip City Veg to make sure it was still available. Sorry, but I'm having a hard time at school because I keep thinking about Ziggy Burgers and Pumpkin Spice Milkshakes.

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