Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Homemade Lavender Coconut Friendship Scrub

When friends make epic concoctions to please your skin and spirit
I don't wear foundation often. Just eyeliner, mascara, lip balm, and lipstick on occasion. For a crimson cheek, that mentioned lipstick performs double duty.
The latest craze is to look like you're not wearing makeup at all, but while wearing makeup. Very confusing logic. Why not just leave the brown stuff at home and utilize the kitchen cabinet? Many tricks of the beauty treat trade lies in ingredients used to bake cookies.
For refreshed, super clean and soft, pliant skin, a gentle scrub is the skin's BFF! The face alone contains an ample amounts of layered dirt and grime. Even the most beneficial cleanser + toner cannot promise to rid it all. Homemade scrubs are simplest secrets to uncover beauty. With a little gentle massaging and water rinse, dead skin cells are temporarily gone, waiting with revenge for you to be out of scrub. Noticeable rejuvenated complexion takes place. And it's a beautiful, beautiful change.
I'm one of the unfortunate folks who has flaky, dry skin around chin, cheeks, and nose. A lot of cleansers are alright, but adding scrub regime remedies the nuisance.
My Toronto alchemist friend made us the loveliest recipe hence the title. She too is a lover of all things natural and organic for body inside and out. Throughout winter vacation, I used her splendid concoction twice a week. And not just on the face-- it's a supreme benefit to the entire body as well!
Absolute plus! Just have a back scrubber handy to make bath time a rewarding experience. Whole skin feels smooth and silky. Goodbye dry, problematic winter dryness hello to wishing to be greeting summer weather in a maxi dress. As for your hands? Well let's just say they'll have a hard time keeping off the irresistible softness.
So put dead skin cells on notice. Let them beware. Maybe get a "don't trespass too long" for your hands too.
Friendship Scrub is composed of lavender, coconut oil, and sugar. I love love sugar scrubs! Although one can use salt, it is considered much more abrasive than the sweet, kind sugar companion. Sugar is love y'all.

Homemade Lavender Coconut Friendship Scrub

4 oz organic coconut oil, room temperature
4 tablespoon organic granulated sugar
3 teaspoon lavender

Mix all ingredients together.
Pour into a glass container and refrigerate until hardened.

Ready for use!
Generous applied sweep, letting it melt into hands beforehand. Looks like a oily, sweaty mess from excessive gym exercise right?
Massage into face, making sure to get sugar and lavender pieces on the skin. Rinse well.
Towel dried and already glowing before applying moisturizer.
Flawless clean! 

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