Monday, January 26, 2015

Whenever Your Thoughtful Nonvegan Friends Bring Yummy Vegan Treats.....

Even though my fellow devoted readers, you cannot taste delicious joy, I am here to write that they are indeed a most wonderful mixture of whipped vegan buttercream vanilla swirling fancifully atop moist chocolate decadence.
I am always quite fond of the occasional treat and truly wasn't expecting anything this frosty Monday, the day of Blizzard Armageddon. While most students panicked away and events like the cheese party got canceled, my dear friend Tovah texted and spoke about homemade vegan treasures. She originally baked sweet cupcakes for her husband and mother-in-law's past birthday celebrations and saved leftovers. I was thrilled, over the moon. Beyond humbled. It's rare nowadays that such sweet kindness be bestowed. Now she isn't a vegan, but that fact doesn't stop resilient behavioral trait. She went out of her way to experiment and share creativity. The vegan sweets were thoughtful, but it was the  touches my heart. It isn't something that she has to do. Not at all. She does anyway. Plus let's not forget that she photographed most of this blog post. Awesome lady! I adore that she is neutral and respectful of veganism. She's not filled with wisecracks, jocular nonsense, etc.
How can one repay such a gal?
Tovah and I vogue posing with our Winter Bash photo booth pictures last year. This year's theme is 80's. Supposed to be on Friday, but who knows if it's still on with the snow and all.
Yes. I often break pieces of Chocolove XOXOX bars (she's one of the few of whom I would share special chocolate). Bring organic strawberries and corn syrup free knock off Oreo cookies. Today I supplied packets of supreme Tazo Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea-- clearance from Target's grocery sale rack. It just doesn't seem to be enough. I won't stop trying and definitely will not stop appreciating. If you're a vegan fortunate to have a companion of lenient regard willing to try your vegan recipes and repeat that in kind, please keep them around and cherish camaraderie. They are worth clinging onto with every ounce of devout heart muscle.
So whenever your friends bring vegan treats, be courteous. Say and show "thank you" on repeat.

Homemade raw fudge Tovah gave me back in December. I will have to ask her what the recipe is! I know coconut oil is used in both components and that it must stay frozen.
Opened and arrived straight from her melodious train ride. They look beyond perfect. Too perfect to eat.
And along with the marvelous cupcake trio came along William Shakespeare rubber duck. I will covet him always.
"To quack or not to quack...." What other question is more important to ask?


  1. That dress!!! You are a knockout. PS I think I would've eaten that raw fudge in 2 seconds :) xo

    1. Thank you Ashley! Very sweet of you! :) The raw fudge was irresistible!