Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hair Braided Schemes: The Mini Pictorial Journal

Braided mayhem take me away like the Calgon perfume I no longer use.
The Natural Hair Journey section will be updated some day. Until then, there is always the main page to have a chat.

December 6, 2014

Before heading to Toronto, had to search long and hard for a place. Had a "princess" idea in mind. I discovered Vixen Hair Studio on Instagram. Enjoyed beautiful featured natural styles and customer satisfaction. The location was convenient for me. A plus. All the ladies were kind and fashionable. Jill Scott and Erykah Badu played their soul food tunes.
FYI: My hair must really love this length. It has been this way for years and years. So.....

Left view and bow tie earring.
Cheeks so above cloud nine glasses almost slipped.
Partial hazy top. I think my fingers got too Happy. Pharrell?
Blurred right side vision.
The back. Sort of. 

January 14, 2015

Hair styled in Dayton "country," photographed in Philly PAFA studio.
Went a place I hated. A place where natural hair is despised and ridiculed. It was close by. Had no idea what happened to my beloved Lynette-- an awesome understanding woman who embraced and catered to my hair creativity. The "pain" of this dismal substitute place was only an hour or so. Plus I still appreciated her efforts. Braiding is a talent wished to attain.
On the way out, a charming girl by the door commended the style. As did whom I miss most right now...

Braided up bun.
Back. Top is where most of my hair grows. Sides are super slow. Slower than a tortoise. 
Melancholy. Perhaps due to the facial breakout.

January 28, 2015

Bun was let go. Dumped. Didn't get to call or send me a sentimental note.
Maybe next time.
Take down was lovely though. I had oiled it every few days. Braids just unsifted through fingers like silky coarse amazement. Unveiled spirally spirals sparkled with glistening sheen and soft thickness. Long ago, I would have hated this condition. I love it so much. So much that I shall write a book of romantic letters to my hair. Lord Byron would be jealous.

I took braids out and played with the kinky curls like artistic damsel in happiness. Not duress or distress.
Also listened to Lauryn Hill on heavy rotation. Sorry Bob Marley. Cool tank from Nirvana anyway. Lace top a clearance purchase from Burlington Coat Factory.

January 29, 2015

Visited Vixen's Hair Studio again this morning. I love and appreciate gentle hair combing. Scalp massages don't hurt either. Although adoring this new 'do, anticipating another eventual shape up. Girl needs a fresh trim. Then hopefully we'll resume a productive, healthy growth with our favorite oils-- Jamaican Black Castor, coconut, olive, and Argan. Want ear muff length bad. That amount of fluffy goodness will warm tender, exposed ears. Cannot wait to kiss hats and scarves goodbye.

Only a good 35% of hair got a breather today. I promise that the next styling will be freeing. C'mon summer. I have to hand fluff her back up because.... scarf+ hat hair. Boo. Wearing my favorite thrift shop sweater, a $1 bin blouse, and another $1 gray shirt with sequins. Unseen $7 hot pants AKA jeggings and over painted Just Fab faux leather brown heeled boots. Also wearing a "blush" from that old scandalous LL Cool J song that came on. Like why??? *blushes again*
Side view. See large yellow duck in the background sitting on the studio couch? Good times.
Almost back view.
Back view. Side I will sleep on if slumbering on my face doesn't work out.
Happy camper getting back to "work."

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