Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Taste of Yummylicious 'Dao Palate' In Brooklyn

According to Google, Dao Palate was the closest vegan restaurant near Brooklyn Museum. Famished "math" genius and all, I figured equation was worth trying out. There were a bunch of vegan-friendly stickers on the door appeasing and tantalizing my hunger. Yay! Sleek elegant pan-Asian flair atmosphere featured muted lights, wooden tables, and black seating. Modest attendance. Plus I must commend the waiter. Nothing better than a kind, super attentive waiter. My water glass stayed full. That always makes me happy. Always.
My spring roll appetizer was hot hot hot! Delicately crisp fried wrapper interior was scalding, but a bite full of amazing once I asked my tongue to stop being burnt. Chili lime sauce a great accompaniment. And the water. Water helped. 
Delicious classic miso soup warmed insides further. Yes, it had been a chilly cold NYC evening. Colder than I had anticipated.
I ordered Sizzling Teriyaki Tofu. Beautiful, enticing main attraction came out on a black skillet, smoking hot and fresh. Served on bed of broccoli, carrots, and bean sprouts.
A bed of bean sprouts y'all. A BED OF BEAN SPROUTS! Superb! Of course I could not consume the whole entree with their array of vegan cheesecakes in my mind. Extra firm crisp tofu was perfectly sliced filet mignon. Teriyaki sauce and plentiful sprinkled sesame seeds provided enough savory flavor for both tofu and fluffy brown rice. 
Raspberry white cheesecake was a sure fire winner. Sure it looks like a tiny slice of affection,. No. It was in fact a thick slab of mouth watering sweet allure. I made sure to eat slowly in order to savor gracious balance between thin layered tangy raspberry puree over towering white chocolate satisfaction. Creamy, firm, and slightly chilled with a dollop of whipped topping to tease the eye and whet the chocoholic spirit. Perfect end to a grand sumptuous meal.

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