Sunday, November 27, 2016

Vegan Mofo Day #17: Matlombe Lounge: A Divine Culinary Experience

For Vegan Mofo post #17, I wasn't particularly interested in taking lunch vouchers at the conference. My mind imagined meat sandwiches and cold salads with honey dressing. I didn't want to take chances. So imagine the surprised look on my face as while walking to Newtown Junction Mall with two other conference ladies, we spied a sign for Matlombe Lounge-- a new vegan/vegetarian restaurant. While the ladies continued for the mall, I headed towards this establishment-- giddy and excited.
When I ordered falafel, I hadn't expected it to arrive like club sandwiches. It was a terrific surprise! Grilled pita bread with flattened falafel patties, pickled crisp mixed vegetables, and avocado inside. If anyone had told me this was a falafel sandwich, I would deem them lies. I'll see if I can mimic this delicious creation at home-- so good. 
While the sandwiches were indeed incredibly scrumptious, the fries were lukewarm and greasy.
This is decaf Gingerbread Latte with Soya Milk-- fantastic and so much better than expensive Starbucks red holiday cup.
Varied sugars inside a red and white beaded cup.
They also cater for events.
Before I paid my bill, the waiter asked, "how was everything?"
"Incredible!" I told him.
We high-fived each other-- both of us happy and proud. 

Saturday Morning Breakfast

"I remember you here from yesterday," said the brown eyed waiter, dressed in clean, starched black uniform.
"You do?" I asked, surprised. I hadn't recalled seeing him.
Inside, I also hoped he didn't see me mauling falafel as though it were my last meal on Mother Earth.
"Yes," he said, offering a polite smile.
"I just love the food."
"I see that. Thank you for returning."
I grinned.
Such a wonderfully cordial exchange.

The next day, before conference's final day, I ate breakfast at the lounge, having enjoyed last visit. I started off with this awesome Nutty Banana Smoothie.
The Sunrise Breakfast Platter contained vegetable tofu scramble, grilled zucchini, sliced tomato, avocado slices, and hearty toast.
Ravenous and blissful, I devoured my morning meal with ease. Although I picked out black olives (I will never ever like olives), the vegetable tofu scramble fulfilled appetite. Pieces of mushrooms and green and red peppers tasted
Naturally, I spread avocado on the toast instead of the two butter options. I think I made right decision.
This breakfast truly fit well together! I was well satisfied on final conference day.


  1. I've never seen falafel served like that, I love it! And the breakfast looks amazing!! Avocado on toast is the best choice for sure!!

    1. Thanks! I really wished to have eaten another meal or two there. Fantastic falafel and beautiful breakfast!