Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Vegan Mofo Day #9: Vietnamese Banh Mi

QT Vietnamese Sandwich restaurant in Chinatown.
I need to inhale a large bit of breath, fill my lungs with positive energy, and exhale out frustration that came with our endless grey clouds and teary raindrops.
It has been a most difficult, ill-suffering twenty-four hours-- a real painful end to a rather horrific chain of awful events. Words are impossible to speak aloud and write in a vegan blog post. Alas, I can only hope and pray for human decency in a country that has lost its moral compass some time ago. We're going to have to protect and hold dear women, the LBGTQ community, and minorities. The American world as we know it is doomed. Kindness, strength, and love are key.
Now moving onward, defiant fighting spirit within, Vegan Mofo of the day is to make something new. Well, I tried something new. I want to thank an awesome individual at school for giving me a fully stamped free sandwich card at a nearby Vietnamese restaurant called Banh Mi.
"Banh" means bread and "mi" means wheat. The Banh Mi was partly inspired by the French baguette-- which explains shape and style.

Always delighted to see a green "Vegan Options Inside" sign. Plus "Free Wifi" doesn't hurt either.
The sandwiches are not expensive-- $5.50 each, super long, and fulfilling. Better option than anything a vegan can score at Subway. They have a lemongrass tofu or a mushrooms & onions tofu. I chose the latter. The bread was a little tough to chew on (warming it in the microwave softens that problem) and a large amount of cilantro almost caused my mouth to fall off. Who knew that cilantro could get so spicy? I did love the tofu and the mushrooms alongside shredded carrots. Could have used double the amount-- it started to taste all bread for a while, especially at the end of the sandwich.Still, I appreciated the flavors. Delicious!
I would come back. I gotta try the lemongrass tofu sandwich (light on the cilantro), boba tea, and the rice/noodle dishes.


  1. I love it when little independent places are more vegan-friendly than the big chains - Subway is pretty bad for vegans in Europe too. It looks like a great sandwich.

    On a serious note, I hope your positivity and fighting spirit are back in force asap. I felt so sickened and lost after my country voted for Brexit too. It seems like the world has taken a horrible turn, and it's hard to know what will happen next.

    1. Me too! I am more of a lover of little places. The sandwich was delicious.

      I only pray for better things right now. I expect it to become worse before it gets there. For the whole world. :(

  2. I'm still in shock I think.
    On a more positive note, I do love Vietnamese food and I'm lucky enough to live in a Sydney suburb that has a huge Vietnamese communities. There's a great takeaway shop down the road from me called Marrickville Pork Roll that makes The Best vegan Banh Mi for only $4.50!

    1. Same feeling, Chelsea. Sigh.

      Wow! You're in a fortunate location. I love a good cheap meal, especially a Banh Mi! :D