Saturday, November 26, 2016

Vegan Mofo Day #15: In My Leisure Suite

For my 15th Vegan Mofo post, I focus on my two memorable stays in Johannesburg. When I originally booked my reservations over summer, I hadn't included my Tuesday arrival. Instead of booking another room (which hiked to $96 a night aka 1352 ZAR), I found a wonderful hostel called Once in Joburg for 179 ZAR ($12.55) a night. Conveniently, near Protea Marriott® Johannesburg Parktonian All-Suite-- my main staying location-- I fell in love with Once in Joburg's charming place devoted to nice fellow travelers and the like. I enjoyed the company as well as my lodgings-- the bathroom especially.
Prior to the four minute journey to Protea, I had a delicious complimentary breakfast of guacamole on a plain bagel, a green apple, and apple juice.
After a delicious small breakfast and hugs goodbye to some of the Once in Joburg staff, I walked down to Protea, checked into my suite on the 14th floor, and relaxed in what singer Feist would call a "Leisure Suite."
The mysterious 13th Floor is at the top of twenty four floors. In one elevator the number is visible. The other elevators showcase a superstitious "x." Hmmmmm.......
A peep inside my closet. Funnily enough, they are arranged from Philly Aids Thrift finds (lacy Free People Dress and multi-patterned dress both for $6) to an eBay cat print dress ($39.99) and an AdinkraExpo's Etsy Shop custom floor length gown ($115).
Bathroom luxuries: Yes to Carrots Facial Cloths, Nubian Heritage Body Butter in Mango, raw Trader Joe's Coconut Oil, and homemade Shea Butter Balm Lotion and homemade Sugar & Coconut Oil Scrub (three items hidden under clothes of my suitcase in case you're wondering how did two 8oz. jars get on through the airport).
Bear resting comfortably in Parkatonian Suite's comfortable king sized bed. Sadly, he was un-tucked every single day.
One of my awesome friends sent me a care package prior to journey-- a care package of beautiful jewelry. I was absolutely flabbergasted to uncover these treasures wrapped in tissue paper. From wooden beaded necklaces to hand painted pierced earrings, everyday was a difficult choice.
More of the elegant baubles.
Bracelets and headwraps.
Donning floor length gown for the first day of the conference. Thank you Ama! Originally this dress was intended for the 115th Annual Student Exhibition. It wasn't finished in time. In the closet for months, I decided maybe Johannesburg would be the best place to wear this stunning form-fitting beauty!
Pre-walking excursion: I wore this amazing, soft fabric, authentic Basquiat t-shirt, a shocking $4 Philly Aids Thrift find.
Presentation Day outfit.
Although nervous, this colorful, stylishly designed look exuded confidence.
State of the art gym equipment that I didn't utilize. Almost a little apologetic about not packing workout clothes.....
Nighttime view from the gym.
Good sunshine-y morning from my balcony. Warm weather a divine pleasantry almost every day of my short visit.
Beautiful gold stitched bedroom curtains.
Perks of South Africa on the top coffee table.
Modest blue carpeted living room with flat screen television (to watch my soapies) and blue multi-patterned couch matching chair.
Lovely private balcony.
Small kitchenette area with a full tea bar and fridge.
Inside my fridge: poppy seeded vegetable samoosas (samosas to us), locally made Pressed 100% Pink Lady Apple Juice,  and an orange peel and vanilla chocolate bar. These were from Woolworth's, a ritzy grocery store containing fine quality foods and beverages.
A closer inspection at the certified grown in Africa chocolate bar. I loved the package pattern-- those curves and lines reminiscent of many clothes worn by locals. It was all so outrageously fashionable. I found solidarity in a place that I so desire to return-- magical yet profoundly human.


  1. I love your wardrobe, especially that floor-length dress. Gorgeous! I'm also a huge fan of second hand/thrift shops. It looks like you had a great stay.

    1. Thank you!!! I didn't know what to do with that dress lol. So happy to have packed it along this trip. The stays were amazing. Couldn't have asked for better places to stay. :)

  2. I love the floor length dress so much!!Thrift stores are my favorite place to shop for everything!! I hope you get to go back soon!

    1. Thank you. I love the dress too. :)
      I'm glad to hear that so many of us appreciate thrift shops. Still getting a bad rap around here unfortunately.
      I do hope to return to Africa someday-- to its other countries especially. :)