Friday, November 25, 2016

Vegan Mofo Day #13: Notes From the Plane

Parisian morning skies reflecting on Air France's outstretched wings.
For Vegan Mofo #13, reliving memories of flying through various countries.
Last Sunday, I cut it close, choosing to leave Philadelphia on a late evening bus, having no idea that it was best to get to the airport an hour before plane takeoff. I took risky chances from moment foot stepped into NYC territory. With it being a little past nine-- the gambling decision was to pick paying $60 for an Uber (in rather chaotic traffic) or taking subway J and transfer to an air train. I chose the cheaper latter, which slowly chipped away at my sanity at each slow and tedious stop. After jumping off air train, I raced down to Air France section, happy that no long line awaited. My sole luggage, a hefty purple suitcase, weighed and tagged, would be waiting for me in Johannesburg.
At last, I made it through security and expensive gift shops, to reach en route to Paris gate.
The flight was a seven hour leisure. I didn't take drugs. I watched movies and slept peacefully.
Once I exited, I didn't feel fatigued or jet lagged. In fact, nothing of the sort happened for me on any of the planes I boarded off of. Excitement of trekking through various cities is such an adrenaline rush. Who needs rest when exploring is higher on the traveler's hierarchy?

Not the best fare, but better than the flight back home.
Now out of four individual plane routes only two had vegan meals. The first was a green pea and corn mix with little red tomato garnish, chewy, touch miniature bread loaf, tart Granny Smith applesauce, and water. It wasn't most savory dish to eat during "Dumbo" (a very, sad disturbing Disney classic by the way). Modest, simplistic food kept hunger at bay.

In Amsterdam, a sweet friend (she moved from Ohio to Amsterdam) baked fresh vegan muffins in honor of my short visit! Pictured are mixed berry and lemon poppyseed. Unseen: decadent chocolate raspberry.
Two latter flights back to the states were on KLM, an Air France subsidiary. They were dairy ladled meals-- loaded with butter and cheeses galore. Fortunately, one of the mystery boxes contained vegan certified butter. I also brought snacks on the plane, including yummy homemade muffins.

Flying straight into grey.
On the Paris flight towards Johannesburg, in middle of night, we were served dinner. Despite its unattractive appearance, the hot couscous and mixed vegetables was a delicious, satisfactory dish-- second out of four airline meals.
Flying into Johannesburg, excitement partying high in veins.
Beautiful clouds welcome travelers to destination. Anticipation killing me at this point.


  1. I haven't done a long-haul flight as a vegan yet, so I'm always interested in seeing how other people get on. I get the impression it's always best to have a few snacks of your own - those muffins look like just the right thing!

    1. I highly recommend bringing your own food to eat! Otherwise a vegan would starve. I was very thankful to have my friend pack yummy muffins in foil. Amazingly convenient!
      Here's the updated list: