Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Candle 79 Birthday Dinner

Candle 79 the most wonderful place for a vegan splurge. Worth every penny.

Last Saturday, I had the wonderful pleasure of finally going to Candle 79 for the first time. My friend Megan of Opinioness of the World is always raving about the restaurant. I love the Candle Cafe frozen dinners
After swooping from Metropolitan Museum of Art, I walked down convenient location to the highly popular vegan restaurant.
The atmosphere is lovely. Muted lights, low music, lots of smiling, affable people. Diverse crowd.
I sat at the bar between two delightful patrons, one enjoying an ice cream trio served on a white rectangular plate.
My waitress was cordial as was the waiter beside her.

Delicious crusted mushroom with rich velvety cream was the chef's specialty thank you.
My dinner was an incredible! I ordered the spinach ravioli- two large raviolis lying on a bed of truffled tomato sauce and sauteed spinach like pretty green flowers. They were stuffed with seasonal vegetables and cashew cheese. Cashew Parmesan sprinkled over top. Roasted cauliflower with sauteed almonds and shallots provided a hearty crunch factor to the soft, pliant texture of the raviolis. So well seasoned it was apparent why there were no salt or pepper shakers at the bar.
Dessert was a splendid beautiful treat. Live pumpkin pie with sugared pumpkin seeds atop and a sweet, dreamy cranberry sorbet on crispy, chewy peanut flavored bottom.
I didn't know which one I loved more. The pumpkin pie was creamy and whipped and perfect, a velvety smooth paradise and the cranberry sorbet was elegantly tart, like a pleasing whisper on the taste buds. Together, the two autumn sweet desserts made me almost swoon with gratifying adoration. Definitely one of the most superb, one of the finest meals I have ever had the opportunity of eating. I could write so many poems, so many short romances about this insatiable dessert plate.....

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