Friday, January 15, 2016

In Good Company At Leo Bistro, Butter Cafe & Thai 9

Welcome back to Dayton. This is the top of "Jain Shrine" at the Dayton Art Institute.
Leo Bistro

Every time I return to my roots, Butter Cafe and Thai 9 are the best vegan friendly local restaurants, but I was in for an astonishing venture at Leo Bistro, Dayton Art Institute's newly renovated contemporary lunch/brunch cafe.

The black bean wrap, ordered sans wrap, came with zesty corn and black beans with cilantro, onions, and lettuce. I had French fries, shoestring style and quite crisp, were a side choice.
The purpose of our trip was to see "American Sampler: Grandma Moses and the Handicraft Tradition." A pleasing survey looks back on the remarkable life of folk painter and embroidery wonder, Anna Mary Robertson Moses aka Grandma Moses. She worked with needle and thread most of her days until arthritis said to pick up a brush instead of dedicating herself to intricate needlework. 
After Grandma Moses, we traveled through Dayton Art Institute's prestigious Africa and Asia acquired collections. A kind gallery docent offered to take our picture in India.

Butter Cafe

On Saturday morning, I wanted to have breakfast at Butter Cafe and urged my brothers to try it out-- especially the delicious seasoned potatoes, a certain brother's favorite food. I was delighted that they enjoyed the little popular bunch spot-- more so when they expressed desires to return. Yes!!!!

The Tofu Scramble is my go-to choice with a side of vegan sausage, seasoned potatoes, and whole wheat toast with vegan butter.
Tasty, light, pliant powdered sugar sprinkled vegan pancakes with a side of vegan butter and oh so sweet maple syrup. I could only eat one pancake, but thankfully I split the other one.
Family bonding love: Bengals clad little bro, Pelle Pelle older bro, and I post breakfast. I pray that we all get together like this again someday. That was excellent!

Thai 9 Part I

On that same Saturday, I had a congenial evening get together with good long-time friends at Thai 9, one of the finest Asian cuisine joints in Dayton.

The delicious Mango Salad. Remember when I invented a version called Almost Raw Mango Side Salad?
Tofu Fried Rice with basil and tomatoes.
Dearest pals John, Nikki, and Kelli. I've known them for almost 18 years now. I'm honored to have such special, supportive people in my life. I love my other family.

Thai 9 Part II

On the sad departure day, my high school art teacher, having missed the Saturday get together wanted to eat at Thai 9 too. I can never deny eating Thai 9 twice. I love that place! Always excellent food and pleasant service! Definitely the perfect place to laugh, have wonderful conversation, and say goodbye-- temporarily.

Avocado rolls are always a splendid choice for a huge avocado aficionado!
Tofu Fried Rice with broccoli and a side of crunchy, irresistible peanuts-- no egg of course. Just yummy!

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