Friday, January 8, 2016

Turban Style Files

This is the pretty Corialle-- lots of bright pink and shimmering gold featuring bold, intricate pattern. Sadly, it's no longer in the site shop.
Yay! Check out the first new turbans of the year!
Thanks to Africanly Fab, formerly Eva's Headwraps--one of my favorite black owned businesses to support-- for killer chic styles amping up any "outfit of the day" decisions with imported Africa flair.  The refreshingly revamped shop features signature imported headwrap fabrics, but also has handmade jewelry at times created from those very amazing fabrics.

Uber complicated turban knot-- top shot.
Perfect with a Basquiat crew neck (always look at the shirt tag to make sure it's an authentic "Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat" brand logo).
This clearance headwrap is pale yellow with sepia accents and rounded pattern. Plus it's still up on Africanly Fab for  the price of $18!
Side view!
Matches $6 Forever 21 crop sweater from Philly Aids Thrift and $8 old Candies overalls from Village Thrift Outlet.

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