Thursday, January 14, 2016

Top 7 AfroVeganChick Posts of 2015

Meeting Ngozi Paul, writer/performer of "The Emancipation of Ms. Lovely" was a treat!
Both happy and surprised to see such a wide range of interests making the Best of 2015 list.
Three yummy recipes, three art reviews, and a fashion/box braids post have the highest reading volume and social media presence. I thank everyone for their viewership and sharing support on Google +, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Sadly, in four years, it was the lowest volume of writing posts. Often, discouragement comes, stimulating melancholic anxiety to stop blogging.
The first AfroVeganChick piece has only 11 views. 
However, whether a post receives three hundred reads or twelve glances should not be the most imperative matter. I will continue onward with writing about food, eating out vegan, homemade beauty, blackness importance (especially supporting our businesses), and art-- my greatest loves. Plus it is imperative to discuss important merits of caring about the well-being of animals. They are sentient beings who feel love, pleasure, and pain. Daily, these beautiful creatures undergo the most grisly, the most violent acts ever conceived. One cannot simply turn a blind eye to their corrupt torture. It is senseless to pretend murder isn't happening.
This spring, I want to visit Catskills Animal Sanctuary in Saugerties, New York to see and pet the rescued, make and draw new furry friends. Shed light on poignancy regardless of who cares to read what will likely be one of my personal adventures to date.
2016 is brightening with other enticements such as more vegantastic recipes/ideas on the horizon, NYC/Philly art shows including the big ASE at school, MFA graduation, Danai Gurira's play "Eclipsed" starring Lupita N'yongo next month on Broadway, and too many other exciting events to name.
For now let's revel in the top 7 posts of last year:

7. Pumpkin Pie Bread With Light Caramel Drizzle

Mmmmmhmmmmmmm! Just looking at this reminds me that I have all of the ingredients for this in my pantry-- medjool dates and pumpkin puree and everything. But I will wait until I invite friends over obviously.

6. Studio Harlem's 'Everything, Everyday' Artists-In-Residence Deliver a Refreshing Bite of Black Ordinary Perception

This was the first time I saw Studio Harlem's time honored Artist-in-Residence tradition of three chosen artists who work in their prestigious studio space for nearly a year and receive an anticipative summer show. Eric Mack, Lauren Halsey, and Sadie Barnette's three ringed narrative reminded audience of the ordinary-- the ordinary existence of the black individual who takes what's been offered to them in order to make it.

5. Purple Streak Box Braids + Thrifty Fashion = Easiest Math

Purple streaked box braids combined with some of my favorite thrift store finds made summer epic.

4. Smoked Gouda Rotini With Broccoli & Pecans

So far, I only found Daiya's impressive Gouda at Health Foods Unlimited near Dayton, Ohio. Not here in Philly yet. Still, if I could make this delicious dish again I would. Something about that Gouda and pecans together. I was so proud of this combination.

3: Sauteed Zoodles with Black Bean And Corn Sauce For One

Buying a little Vegetti was a wise decision. I loved this recipe especially for the colors. It was a beautiful presentation filled and the fresh flavors were a joyous occasion. 

2. History, Diaspora, & Political Smorgasbord in NYC

From the haunting Selma photographs that painted a historic turmoil to the first footsteps in Harlem, this was a New York City trip to remember.

1. The Emancipation of Ms. Lovely in Toronto

This Summerworks winning play was so moving, so powerful. I am thankful beyond words to have seen such a riveting performance based on the tragic life of Sarah Baartman and that of the current perspective of the African descendent young woman-- forever fetishized.


  1. Nice round-up! That pumpkin pie bread!!! Also, I didn't realize Daiya made smoked gouda, but now I must find it!

    1. I have yet to find the Gouda in Philly either. I wonder why. Maybe we should inquire at the local grocery store......