Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Short Visit Home Part Two: Lucky's and Best Friends

Two artsy writing Libra best friends hang out on a cool Dayton evening in the heart of the Oregon District before one sadly departed hasty return to Philadelphia.

The fried seitan sandwich with vegan cheddar is an item (new to my eyes) that will get a hungry appetite sated for days, especially when topped with scrumptious vegan mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickles, seasoned French fries on the side.

Recreating an old pose....

Although things are much opposite with the knife and fork and the vegan cheese topped soy burger on the right hand side. Still, nearly five and a half years later, Lucky's has some of the yummiest bar scene vegan food.

Our amazing waitress took this pic of my bestie and I-- stuffed girls sadly about to resume leaving states apart again. I am most thankful to have such a kind, generous, thoughtful friend who is more like a kindred sister. I will always be gracious knowing that there was one person who wanted to be there, that showed up whether for emotional support or dinner company-- in which that happened for the two nights I was home. It felt wonderful to have an attentive ear allowing me to vent out my personal life's frustrations the previous night at Chipotle over burrito bols. Plus, I appreciated our love woes and geeky pipe dreams of Wizard Worlds and Walker Stalkers (a special con exclusively for The Walking Dead fans). What a pleasant honor to have found such a friend-- and since high school no less!
Dayton inspires? True more or less that you can physically take the hometown girl away from her hometown, but never take the emotive essence of the hometown spirit out of her......


  1. That burger really does look incredible. I love the recreation of the pose!
    How wonderful to have a longtime friend like that, and how beautiful your words were describing the friendship!

    1. Seitan burgers should be available worldwide lol. Or at least I hope so.
      Thank you for your sweet words as always. :)