Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thrifty Fashion Arrives in Florida

On the hammock swing near the treehouse built at Gram's Hostel, in a wash and go 'fro style, Pacifica Enlightment Gloss in Poppy coating pout, I'm in a wild schematic designed polyester dress with asymmetrical trimmed bottom that cost only $7. 
Prior to hitting pleasant Florida scene, at Philly Aids Thrift-- my favorite secondhand shop in Philadelphia, colorful, distinctive clothes spoke my name and shouted out my phone number. Made of breathable fabric, I thought it beneficial to be prepared to relax in the hottest of temperatures with outfits containing thin, weightless material. No sense in being distracted by humidity.
Lace and pattern easily led snazzy curating decisions, matching my upbeat attitude and flair for artsy vogue.

I loved this $7 red on mauve skirt. It matched the gorgeous tone of lettering in Frida's name, flowers, ribbon, and lipstick and has a black mesh lining. However, looking chic was problematic seeing as the skirt kept sliding. I'll be wearing it with suspenders from now on. Or perhaps have my sewing friend make and attach pretty belt loops. Either way, I'm not throwing out the skirt on a technicality that could be mended. After all, little tailoring efforts are key to maintaining a successful thrifty style.

Vintage white polka dot and dark blue three quarter sleeve cotton blouse with black tie ribbon for $4 and beautiful white lacy top with thin black stripes for $3.

$4 Forever 21 light blue and white Peter Pan collar blouse with $5 heather gray lace and black jumper dress in another sweet bathroom pic. And let me say, this is a beautiful bathroom-- brick and mortar, wide open space, clean tiled floor, dim lighting. Good job Café Hey!
Happiness is being on a bunk bed, resting weary travel bones on the top bunk, taking advantage of the ceiling mirror, adoring frugal thrift store finds that border between modern sophistication and vintage trendsetting. I think the Powerpuff Girls would agree on these things.


  1. Thrifting is absolutely one of my favorite things to do ever. I prefer to clothe my body and decorate my home in thrift store fashions! I love all your finds, and I definitely think the Powerpuff girls would approve!!

    1. Wow! It feels like we're the exact person sometimes lol. I love thrift store shopping so much. And thank you as always-- your sweet comments make my day. :)