Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sweet Doughnuts & More At Humble Charmer Feliticous

I loved that Felicitous's wifi password of my visit was "portraits"-- not only my specialty, but the purpose of my museum adventures that very afternoon!
On my way to another day of art, favorable weather, and lovely palm trees, I made a pit stop at an attractive lavender "house" near the National History Museum, Felicitous. The wonderful word means well-suited, pleasing, and fortunate. I was enthused to find out that though seeming small and delicate on the outside, the interior is spacious and accommodating as well as an ordered, topsy turvy chaos that reminds one of the maddening tea party Alice was invited to in Wonderland. Nothing matches furniture wise yet the eccentric predicament of this rather amusing case is needed for the creative spirit. After all, my favorite color is purple and since Felicitous is nicknamed "the purple house," I found a comfortable coffeehouse to let my freak flag fly free-- with vegan doughnuts too!

I found Felicitous by Google searching "vegan doughnuts in Tampa." What kind of vegan doughnut fiend would I be if I didn't search for my favorite fried hole in the circle dessert? This isn't on HappyCow, but definitely should. The top roll alone was dedicated to dairy free, egg free deliciousness.

Plus the vegan maple walnut cupcakes looked pretty spectacular!

I had the amazing veggie panini (with hummus and extra mushrooms) called Stop Trippin.'

That hot goodness. In addition to mushrooms and hummus, tomatoes and garlic are packed tight in this toasted, crispy breaded sandwich.

For dessert-- doughnuts and raspberry almond milk cappuccino. I sat in an old school little chair and desk and felt like a student sneaking in food to munch on instead of concentrating on my studies.

The glittery lemon lavender (left) was sweet, moist, and light--  the absolute definition of a perfect little doughnut. The vanilla maple, however, although fancifully colored in lilac, fuchsia, cerulean, and hot pink, was crumbly and a bit dry cake-- the flavors were nice, especially the frosting.

Look up: there are no birds or superheroes-- just quirky paintings hanging on the ceilings.

Chirp! Chirp! The birdies on wood drawing/painting reminds one to mention that Felicitous also has a large outdoor area with big picnic tables and pleasant trees for those nature loving coffee/tea drinkers and vegan doughnut eaters.

Again, there is a wonderful range of art displayed-- from landscapes to abstract representation to portraits. This painting, in particular, was an appeasing street scene, with in depth perspective, precise attention to detail, and skillful rendering.

Many cozy areas around the coffeehouse include large couches and chairs one can sink themselves into. Plus for an art aficionado appreciates seeing art located on every crook and cranny-- not in a crowded, salon stacked style kind of way, but in a unique, noticeable fashion that isn't considered a turnoff.
Near the bathroom, from Life to Pictionary, a large assortment of classic board games to play with dearest friends. This is a cheery place that one can spend a few lazy hours at.

There's even a book swap library for those to pick up and exchange books. I screamed hard inside at the sight, my bookworm-y side pulsing with immense joy. In my opinion, book exchanges should be everywhere.
I loved Felicitous and hope to come back again someday. It's a sweet spot that speaks to the many faucets of my persona-- art, fun, games, vegan doughnuts, books, and wifi. Not many coffeehouses can say that they have that winning combination of pure, gratifying enjoyment.


  1. That definitely looks like my kind of place! I love everything about it. Places that have mismatching furniture make me feel very comfortable and at home.
    And I could not agree with you more that book exchanges should be everywhere!

    1. Yay!!! I feel the same. I'm sure there must be something like this around Philly.... with book exchange. :)

  2. I love cafes with a big stack of board games - and vegan doughnuts, of course! Whenever I'm going on holiday somewhere new, I always search for both doughnuts and croissants first.

    1. Yes!!! Aren't they just charming??? I do wish more places had vegan doughnuts and vegan croissants-- always to die for. :D