Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Vegan Mofo Post #23: Happy Halloween & 7 Philly Treats Under $7

At $2.50, a deluxe Dottie's Donut in pumpkin spice will always be nice-- definitely a huge favorite of mine.
Hello all! Happy Halloween and welcome to the final post of Vegan Mofo October. Thank you so much for stopping by and celebrating a whole month of birthday joy. I have had many wonderful milestones happening as I plan for huge November treks-- the Janet Jackson concert in Atlantic City and a week in Paris, France.

In between films and patrons. Happy that this year's t-shirt was purple.
Here in October, however, I had a blast volunteering at the 26th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival, watching films and meeting amazing fellow volunteers as well as very kind visitors. I think this may have shaped my future in a way that wasn't foreseen.

Without further ado, other sweet treats under $7 and a Halloween end.

October and November is the popular pumpkin pie shake at Hip City Veg. $5.95 for a wicked yummy treat packed with pumpkin flare and spices.

For $5.95, a taste of Franklin Fountain's incredible pumpkin ice cream reminds one of iced cold cheesecake, creamy and flavorful. It has a nice blend of spices fulfilling bite after bite.

In case you're wondering, the birthday month girl had some cake. My favorite slice is a hefty portion of Vegan treats lemon lime cake. It's beautifully decorated yellow and green cake with pink roses running at $6.95 at Govinda's Go Vegetarian. It's a unicorn like treasure.

About 5 of these incredible lemon creams sandwiched between two chewy, plump, little gingersnaps are a little over $5.
Vivi's Bubble Tea is a huge addiction of mine. I love the $4.95 large almond milk with black tapioca pearls. The combination of drinking smooth sweetness and chewing sticky gummies is unlike anything else.

Red Hook Coffee and Tea has an amazing little section of vegan treats. One of my favorites is the lemon cookies with raspberry filling. At $3.25, it's a pleasant dessert with a hot steaming beverage and a book to read.

Honorable mention: never pass on a $4 tehina shake from Goldie. Hence why this is an empty cup.

My simple low key albeit professional Halloween costume.

Snapchat filtered fall equinox goddess mermaid creature.....

Sleeping until October comes back around. What a marvelous month.....


  1. I've loved your theme! This is a great way to finish. I was trying to decide which treat I'd order, but I can't do it, everything sounds delicious! Can't wait to hear about your Paris trip!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting! Yes, everything is delicious in Philadelphia. We have such a variety. I'm pretty stoked about Paris. :)

  2. The pumpkin spice donut looks amazing, and the pumpkin ice cream, too! Congratulations on a great MoFo; your birthday theme was so fun!

    1. Thank you, Julie! I loved all the vegan pumpkin goodies all over Philly. It was fun to share everything! :)