Friday, October 6, 2017

Vegan Mofo Post #6: Birthday Eve, A Week of Reflection

An impromptu birthday celebration at Greenline Cafe with a hot The Stevie sandwich and a Dottie's Homer (strawberry glaze with sprinkles) donut. 
The resplendent moon is looking at me through the window tonight, glowing, sending wondrous vibes to my pulsing aura. Clouds swirl around the orb, seeming to bow gracefully.

I couldn't ask for a better Birthday Eve.

My week has been super busy. From long, long work shifts to writing short stories for a new portfolio, to trying to extinguish unexplainable crushes, to applying for good opportunities in the wake of fresh rejection letters, I have had little time to think fully, let alone paint or prepare a sensible meal.

But now, in thus moment, I look back on the positive.

This week, I received birthday coupons including one to Philly Aids Thrift (used on Monday) and one for Starbucks (tomorrow). I walked around a lot (had to work off rich meals these past few days), enjoyed the superb weather (despite a little drizzle yesterday), and my new James and Co. vegan leather duster came on Wednesday (originally $170, got for $50).

Other things:

I almost bought this heartbreaking series of artworks on small canvas panels. These animals are sadly seeing death of themselves on a plate with the pig and cow have little babies beside them. It spoke to me in a compassionate level, especially seeing as since turning vegan I truly despise meat product companies with smiley face cartoon animals. The industry couldn't be anymore cruel.

Me at 16, painting my version of Grant Wood's "American Gothic," a modern art favorite. I posted this on my artist Instagram for #ThrowbackThursday. It makes me realize more than ever that being an artist is a treasure, a beautiful ingrained creativity trait that will always be a huge part if my life.
For the second time, I will be volunteering for Philadelphia Film Festival. We had our training on Wednesday night. I was sooooo pumped to play Kerry Washington, donning her "badge" and feigning degrees of importance. Originally, I was offered Sandra Bullock and traded with a guy who didn't know Kerry (shocker). 

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake is back at Hip City Veg and it tastes better than ever!  That yummy vanilla ice cream  is blended with pumpkin goodness and layered spices, bringing a familiar sweet enjoyment  that screams fall in love. I already have three out of ten stamps used on my milkshake rewards card. And yes, I just started using the card this week!!!

Also my hair is red! Yay!! So ready for the Big Day tomorrow. It's going to be a birthday to remember.


  1. Enjoy your birthday and I'm happy there have been some great moments in your week! Hurray for pumpkin pie milkshakes!

    1. Thank you! Thank you! It was such a great birthday. :)