Friday, November 24, 2017

Hank's Vegan Burger For Great Figgy Fig Sauce & Soda Pop

Hank's Vegan Burger was everything I had hoped for. After all, this popular vegan fast food restaurant was on top of my must eat list. Nothing beats a combo meal deal. There is a kind of sophistication when considering their pride of delivering a bonafide dining experience in addition to speedy, respectable service and an amazing meal curated by their chef. With a wonderful spacious upstairs to kick back drinks, eat burgers, and maul on desserts, it makes being a vegan all the more special. This place exists-- a fast food haven with incredible food made from plants.
The spread: a Hank's burger, potato wedges, carrot cake, and organic cola.
The handmade bun is stuffed with an organic vegan steak, veggies, vegan cheese, and a choice of three sauces (mayo with alfalfa, barbecue, tomato basil, or fig). I picked fig-- it sounded very amazing.
It was epic!!! The bite of fig sauce with the firm patty, melted vegan cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickle were off the chain. I may have looked a hot mess-- thick, creamy sweet/savory drippings around my face and all-- but it was worth it!
I haven't had cola since age ten or something. Haha! I loved the Roy Lichtenstein styled pop art-- seemed funnily appropriate on this can.
Always buy fair trade if possible.
Crunchy on the outside with a moist, soft interior, the scrumptious tiny carrot cake was packed with sweet enticing flavors-- vanilla, lemon, and bits of carrot. I was more than happy to have room for this perfect ending.


  1. What a fun meal! The burger looks so good, and the carrot cake sounds like the perfect dessert!

    1. Thanks Julie! It was an exceptional meal! So so good. :)