Saturday, November 25, 2017

Gentle Gourmet For the Fancy

On a Sunday afternoon, I ventured out to Gentle Gourmet, a place I have wanting to try forever. They create the most beautiful plates of food using plant based gastronomy. 
The interior decor is sleek and elegant, letting guests know that this fine dining experience is about to get sophisticated. After my enjoyment of bar burgers and and coffee houses, Gentle Gourmet was going to be my special world class ticket into vegan refinement.
The chef’s complimentary appetizer was this delicious beet and carrot creme.
Thick, luscious small taste of delight. Not too sweet. 
I ordered the Le Fume as a main entree, a hearty soup of French blue-violet potato gnocchi and a smoked nordic broth of juniper berry, coriander, cilantro, and dill and a disc of chopped small vegetables.
The gnocchi.
This uniquely manifested dessert just knocked my socks off. I am still thinking about this six days later-- a thing of beauty and love. It's called Le Pomme- Fenouil, a dish devoted to apples in sleek and polished creativity. The bottom is a generous mountain of warm, chunky apple confit topped with a bright green apple sorbet, surrounded by light, crisp meringues and decadent creme fraiche.
The flavorful dessert also comes with a punch-y apple and fennel shot. I downed it in one swallow and consumed my apples delight, relishing each participant. All in all, a pleasing end to a meal of appeasing eye art gratification.


  1. I was waiting to see if you'd visited this place, I still hold it up as one of the best restaurants I've been to. The main course sounds fantastic, and the dessert even better - those meringues look sensational!

    1. It's an incredible restaurant! I'm so happy that I had the chance to visit and enjoy the most creative plates of food. The dessert was hands down my favorite thing devoured on this trip.