Saturday, January 27, 2018

gardein Fish Filet Tacos

Warm corn tortillas filled with fresh ingredients like Almond Ricotta, cilantro, juice of lime, avocado, and gardein's ever popular Fish Filets.
Although I don't purchase artificial veggie meats often, love for gardein cannot ever fade. They create the most incredible frozen foods via pea protein science. My fond highlights are: the Chik'in Sliders, the Turk'y Cutlets, and these incredible Fish Filets. Now I have poured out my love for their Fish Filets since they came to being. They're amazingly similar to the triangular pieces of battered death from childhood-- except cruelty free and downright delicious in whatever "fishy" thing a vegan wants to make. I didn't have fish tacos in my previous pre-vegan, pre-vegetarian life and always wanted to try it. I recommend warming the corn tortillas in an oven for a few seconds, layering with mayo (or traditional tartar sauce), optional Almond Ricotta, cilantro, avocados, and lime juice.
For my next experiment, I would love to try adding fresh, crispy slaw and red onions.

I definitely recommend putting mayo on the bottom of the fish. Just Mayo's Chipotle Mayo is the best (well, in my humble opinion).

Taco heaven.

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