Monday, March 5, 2018

Toronto: The Wrap Up

Survival of the fittest: Dottie's Donuts delights of two Birthday Cakes, Raspberry Swirl, Apple Fritter, an almost consumed Vanilla Glaze, and Boston Cream.
I conclude wonderful nearly one-week trip to Toronto filled with sweet, memorable highlights.
Upon entering U.S. Customs with that flat cardboard box, having left behind Philadelphia thirteen hours, I was called behind the next agent.
"What are you bringing with you besides pizza?" He asked. "Which is a smart move by the way."
"Oh, it's not pizza, it's donuts," I told him.
"Well, that's even better." He smiled. "Is that the thing? Putting donuts in a pizza box?"
"It's a Dottie's thing."
"I'll have to check them out."
He probably won't come all the way down to Philadelphia for donuts, but a little, gushing part hope that he does.
And like the previous donut half dozen, Brooklyn's Dun-well Doughnuts were the last gifted vegan batch, Dottie's had successfully made the journey with some minor frosting removed from the apple fritter.
Donuts aside, the shocking warm weather provided an enjoyable experience exploring the comfortable, favorite Toronto spots and the new, opened places.

A walk on Bloor is a promise of feel good shops. This rose gold plated asymmetrical mirror was a beautiful piece of art that would start up conversation in anyone's bathroom or hallway. I could imagine giving myself the best self talks.

Gorgeous patterned kitchen utensils like light weight handled spoons and forks with bamboo tops, rolling pins, and bowls. This is the sophisticated ware to bring out for intimate gatherings so that your friends admire the sets.

There are plenty of bike shops and bike repair centers that make the yearning to learn how to ride a bike grow more. I especially like watching people in long brown coats and smart fitted hats riding their bikes along the streets. It's such a charming transport. This sky blue bike in the window of Curbside Cycle and the three wheeler in the back with basket attachment ignited those old, bike rider dreams.

Pacha Arts is an indigenous run gift store of handmade gifts such as original paintings, jewelry, clothing, toys, and handwoven textiles.

More handwoven textiles.
Homemade hot chocolate with Camino-- very good. I was impressed. Camino also happens to be on the Food Empowerment Chocolate List. So a big "double yay!" on that note.

Rice bread toast with Field Roast Chao Cheese, black beans with avocado, and apple slices made a sound, scrumptious breakfast on a Friday morning. Yes, I recommend gaining a friend who will not only make fulfilling breakfasts, but also allow you opportunity to do the same. 

Meeting a plump black cat with elegant brown trim fur and a bell ringing red collar.

This Aaliyah comic is only a spectacular work of art, but it would make for a great issue. 

The poster advertising The Blackest Anime Night at the Black Canary Espresso Bar and Comic Shop. I wish I could come back to this charming comic book haven of many books, action figures, posters, and other geeky things.

Black History Month display of Black Panther graphic novel titles.
Read store fronts carefully, especially if a pulp mystery novel rests in the window.

After a trip to my favorite local library, I stopped by South Indian Dosa Mahal Restaurant for a bag of spinach and potato rotis. 

A nifty portrait of Homer and his donuts.

An actual self-help shop.

A pretty undergarment boutique with an eye catching, lower cased title. 

Carrot Commons has this upscale market called The Big Carrot that is a quirkier version of Whole Foods Market and reminiscent of the short lived Earthbound Market store from Dayton, Ohio and another shop from Rockland, Maine. 

I feel that that is the store to experiment with every last intriguing nut cheese available here. I wouldn't mind trying these endless varieties explored through cashews and other nuts.

Other cheeses....

Frozen macarons.

The first time I've seen organic cacao butter sold in stores and placed properly next to cacao powder.

A trip to Toronto isn't complete without Through Being Cool Vegan, the bakery and grocery shop that has stolen my heart and soul. Unfortunately, I had ordered my croissants and received two blueberry scones instead. At least, I received the correct plain Daiya Pinwheels.

Just as delicious as remembered: an ooey gooey, melty, cheesy splendor.

Glorious view of crossing the bridge that separates Ontario and the U.S. border.

The end. For now.....


  1. Looks like such a great trip! I love finding fun independent shops when I'm visiting a new place. That mirror looks especially great.

    1. Thanks! Yes!!!!! I am huge on window shopping and Toronto has a steal of quirky little places with interesting titles. That beautiful mirror was 90 CAD. Maybe another time.

  2. Such a pretty mirror! Now that you say it would be a great statement peice I am now going to keep my eyes open for crazy mirrors like that in stores.

    I always want to drop big cash on all the vegan cheeses to do a big tasting party. I think temptation would overtake me with all those options.

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