Monday, July 2, 2012

The Christmas Tree Shop And Holiday Riverscape Picnic

I came in looking for a rolling pin.
That was all.
After sadly missing out on the big Health Foods Unlimited sale (ugh! didn't know they closed at 6 PM on Saturdays), headed next door to Christmas Tree Shop to get much needed rolling pin.
But found some sweet deals instead. 

These retail at around $3 or less, but got this for $1.49. Never had it before, but it's worth a taste.
Usually around $11. Saved a whopping $9. Plus they also carry Alba hand washes at the same price!!! Wow! So much bigger than saving 40% at HFU right?

Usually $4.65 at Krogers. Saved $1.36. They also have flavors of Crunch Time, Smooth Operator, and The Heat is On.
The two new products on the way to fireworks at Riverscape downtown.

Once ten o'clock struck on a cool evening, the Riverscape fireworks burst up blackened sky in colorful, glorious display of brilliant freedom and shimmering independence. Very early birthday celebrations for America, but a spectacle that brought families and friends together, pointing at different popping sparkles, laughing, smiling, and enjoying the shared entertainment.
Just a great, complimentary experience to look forward to every year in our little hopping city of Dayton.

Very sweet end to a bittersweet kind of day.

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