Friday, July 7, 2017

Kawaii Kitty Café Is a Must For Cat Lovers, Huggers, and Snugglers

Check out cute lounging cats among the pretty decor.
Today starts the unique three day event called Kittydelphia-- a pop up of cat-strophic proportions at Gravy Studio in Northen Liberties area of. I thought it would be appropriate to discuss my two visits to Kawaii Kitty Café, a delightful cat themed place that is pure pleasure for cat lovers worldwide.

For starters, the counter really is the cat's "Meow."
I had the most superb mocha with coconut cream and chocolate sauce.
With cat picture and coloring books (they provide crayons and markers), and a coconut blueberry Dottie's Donut (yes sugar high central).
That same day, I had earlier received my copy of Aph and Syl Ko's "Aphro-ism: Essays on Pop Culture, Feminism, and Black Veganism From Two Sisters." So far, their thoughtful words have been pretty tough and heartbreaking to get through. The essays are brilliantly conceived. I'll write a review of it when I'm finished.
There are lots of vegan options (Crust Vegan Bakery yay!) to choose from and it was pleasantly surprising. Everything looked adorable in the clean, clear display case. Surrounded by cat cuteness of course!
Vegan oatmeal cream pies too for those who miss Little Debbie's junk food.
Pink and teal cat patches, mugs, and anime cat toys decorate the counter. Yes, there's even some Hello Kitty around.
Another visit included iced lemon tea and a cat shaped cookie with coloring books.
Slightly adjacent to neat arrangement of cats and ice cream art, is another wall with snapshots of people with the cats they've adopted from the café.
A peek inside the chic, cozy, immaculate environment for sweet array of cats and prospective adopters to frolic together, possibly bond and form familiarity. Walls are soft cotton candy pink. Stringed lights add a touch of magic as sunlight streamed in. Couches look soft with plush pillows and squishy fur babies lying about. In fact, I loved the gray cat sleeping atop of the wooden bookshelf. It had been in that same slumbered position since I had entered. To rent the space by the hour is $10 per person and it is best to reserve beforehand. On occasional less busy days, they do have half priced walk ins too.
In addition to eating and drinking, there are awesome cat themed items to buy for that special cat lover in your life. From t-shirts with adorable cat friends having a heart-y party....
Pink beanie caps to keep ears warm in the winter.
The black and white cat curtain is super cool, but not for sale.
With peachy keen music and overall cheery atmosphere, Kawaii Kitty Café is a wonderful place to have a little dessert with cold or hot drinks as one writes, reads, or colors. Framed cat art is everywhere, but not in an excessive obsessive capacity. The girls behind the counter are super nice and are willing to offer vegan compromise to almost anything on the menu (vegan milkshakes for the win). Whether one wants time alone or quality time with a cat or two, this is the purr-fect pick-me-up treat, especially on the weekend (like Caturday!), a rainy day, or just whenever.  


  1. Thanks for posting about the kitty cafe; it sounds really nice! My sister and I hope to visit it sometime, so I appreciate your review! :)

    1. Anytime! I hope you and your sister get to go! It's such a lovely place. :)