Friday, November 23, 2018

Highlights From The First Friendsgiving

Roasted vegetables.
I hope that everyone had a pleasant holiday-- whether with family, friends, lovers, and pets.
We hosted a lovely Friendsgiving potluck gathering at our house yesterday. Around the table, guests indulged in a meal cooked all afternoon: Trader Joe's turkeyless roast, walnut macaroni and cheese, baked rice, Brussels sprouts, spicy tofu, and purple yams. Miyoko's Kitchen Partywheel Chive Cheese paired with grapes and crackers fooled many, creamy soft cashew based cheese delightfully bursting with sprinkled chives. Chuao Chocolatier added a sweet, decadent luxury to the tray alongside positive messages on every little delicious square.
For dessert, we shared pumpkin pie and ice cream over homemade mint lemonade, Califia Farms Holiday Nog, and alcoholic beverages.

Turkeyless roast turned out good. Unfortunately, the potatoes and carrots were hard (a tragic disaster).
I enjoyed Trader Joe's tender, succulent roast.

Pouring the walnut cheese on the Mac. 

The meal plate.

The cheese, grapes, crackers, and chocolate platter: a huge hit. Some guests admitted to not liking chocolate, but Chuao Chocolatier has won them over. 

Crackers spread with love.

Homemade pumpkin pie topped with Coconut Milk Reddi Whip (much better than the almond in my opinion). Originally, I sought So Delicious Coco Whip-- everyone was out. Reddi Whip was a nice consolation.
Real gold playing cards that my housemate bought in Abu Dhabi. 

A guest brought special tea. You pour hot boiling water over them, steep, and drink. It tastes warm and refreshing. 
Every Indigenous Day/Friendsgiving celebration ends in a passionate game of spades. 


  1. I see what people eat for Thanksgiving! Seems like everyone kind-of has their own things they make. I've never did mac and cheese for Thanksgiving, but then again I remember there being ham on the table when going to my Grandmas. Is that even a thing? Turkey and Ham? Anyways, everything looks super yummy!

    1. Thank you Jennifer!!!
      Yes. Turkey and ham was a thing for my family way back when. And we always had Mac n cheese. I try to make a different blend of "cheeses" every time.

  2. Your Friendsgiving sounds amazing, and all the food looks incredibly delicious!

    1. Thank you, Julie. We had such a great time. The food was indeed memorable. :)