Friday, September 27, 2013

Vegan Mofo Day 27: Eating Out At The Vegan Tree

Day 27 is eating out in Philly.
Last week, I discovered Vegan Tree whilst walking down the popular South Street. It is a small restaurant that fuses Asian cuisine and American modern. With specializations in sushi, salad, and burgers, and the in between,  the well balanced Vegan Tree has something for every kind of vegan. They even have bubble teas and smoothies. I couldn't contain my growing excitement. An all vegan restaurant? Yes!
Earlier it had been crowded, but I came back to emptiness and enjoyed knowing that I wouldn't be pitied for eating alone.
The food is delicious and reasonably priced, especially one of the most divine desserts I've ever tried. Seriously, I would love to write poems about how good that mango cheesecake was.
However, despite my joys of the meal, I think that I'll probably come here just to get a carry out order.
Oh and I almost forgot- Happy Hug A Vegan Day everyone! Giving all of my family, friends, and fans cyber hugs for being so splendidly supportive of me and the journeys! Everyday, I feel lucky and fully blessed to share my grand vegan adventures.

The Vegan Tree on South Street.
The menu.
A glimpse at the appetizer menu. Will definitely have to try out the vegan shrimp for next time! Gotta see if it's anything like Loving Hut's. Yummy....
I love the swirly pattern. Mimics sushi in an abstract manner against the grain of the wooden table. Nice clean environment.
Mushroom spring rolls for $3.95. I do have a pet peeve. They brought out the entree first and I like eating the appetizer first. That's all.
Hot interior of number two!
Looking good for $6.95.
Very delicious. The sauce, however, is a bit too heavy at times  not sure if I enjoy the soy protein- the chewiness is probably an acquired liking.
How could I leave without trying one dessert? For $5.35 this mango cheesecake certainly hit the spot with its rich creamy smoothness & firm stability amongst the sweet mango flavor. I can see why the waiter said it was his favorite. So good no one would believe it was vegan! Perfect end to a satisfying meal.


  1. That mango cheesecake looks fab. I love mango but no one in the house likes it, so to go through the effort of making an entire cake just for me..disaster lol. I wish we had more vegan restaurants nearby.

  2. I cannot imagine living with folks who don't like mango, lol! The cheesecake at the restaurant was definitely the best part of the entire meal thanks to that sweet addictive taste of mango! Soooo yummmmm! I do hope you get more vegan spots in your area. These places are divine treasure troves that need a lot of public loving and support. :)