Monday, January 9, 2012

Concerns Aplenty: Start Of Vegan Week Two

It has been hard.
I won't lie.
Some days, I am far more tired and weak than usual, working out for as little as twenty-five minutes. (I'm usually a monster for 45-60 minutes!!!!) So this is worrisome for me.
Plus, a friend commented that I lacked energy and usual cheerfulness.
Strangely enough, I had about five naps on Saturday. (shocked face)
But I wake up super early and I've never been a morning person....
Now this isn't the first venture into veganism and these are the very same problems I had at eighteen. Four days in, the fatigue drove me to quit.
Protein and fiber have to be the major issues.
My diet has mostly been very, very salty.
I will be trying to add more. (Peanut butter and jam sandwiches maybe?)
Packing nuts on bus trips and adding them to recipes.
Eating a hefty salad before dinner.
Most importantly, having breakfast.
I skip it much too often.
Oatmeal or cold cereal with soy milk is a definite favorite!

Speaking of which, yesterday, I had Sunday brunch at one of my favorite places, Butter Cafe.
The Tofu Scramble Chef's Plate includes yummy well seasoned scramble, two cut up slices of vegan buttered toast, two vegan sausage patties, diced potatoes, and a side of requested avocado!
It's incredibly delicious!
But at $7.95 (plus extra $1.50 charge for avocado) not an everyday meal.
So I'll be making this at home in the future.
Hopefully, it'll be just as awesome!
Oh, those waffles weren't mine by the way!
No vegan waffles or pancakes served unfortunately. :(

Spaghetti (I cook mine past "al deinte" stage) tossed with frozen broccoli, Muir Glen's Diced Tomatoes, Lightlife Soy Ground, and Daiya mozzarella proved to be a very deliciously filling meal.

Served with a glass of 100% sparkling white grape juice, I would say that it was a match made in heaven.

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